What's the next tool I should get for my shop?

Someone just gave me a decent table saw and I just built a router table. I have a drill press, as well as an assortment of both corded and cordless drills, a circular saw, a jig saw, a sawzall, a porta-band, a belt sander and an orbital sander. What’s next? I’m thinking either a bench top band saw or a planer. Now that I have the router table I’d like to try my hand at some cabinetry and door-making, so the planer would come in handy. I suppose I might consider a welder too, but then I’d need a grinder and a cut-off saw, so that may be too expensive.

I’d go with the planer or a jointer. You can fake a jointer kinda-sorta well with a router table, but if you need to turn 3/4" boards into 9/16" boards, there’s no substitude for a planer.

For assembing the casework, were you thinking of using biscuits (needs a dedicated power tool) or pocket screws?

What, no lathe love?

In addition to a decent router and table, I’ve found a RotoZip incredibly handy for cabinet work. It’ll do all the small jobs that the weight of a 10 amp monster makes difficult. It’s easy to make custom jigs for too.

Maybe everone loathes lathes.

More clamps. Buy more clamps.
Seriously though - I wish I had half the tools you have (or even the space to install them). Do you have a dust extraction system? If not, I’d go for one of those.

I bought one of these belt/disc sanding machines recently and have found it wunderbar. They are very powerful and fast compared to sanding by hand or using a hand held sander. It allows you to do quick and slightly more careless cuts of things that need to be very precise lengths or angles, then shape them on the disc sander to a line, taking off an (accurate) smidge at a time till something fits. You can set the table at a particular angle. You can do fast shaping. You can face sand small/medium things on the belt. I’ve found it a bit of a revelation.

Aw, now I’m blushing. These tools represent 20 years worth of accumulation, mostly from before I had wife, kids or a mortgage. I inherited some from my dad as well. In point of fact, my “shop” is quite small. Its just an 11 x 15 foot storage room in the basement with only about 7 feet of headroom, which makes storing things like 8 foot lengths of lumber a lot of fun. All of the “stationary” tools like the drill press and the table saw live on custom rolling carts with storage underneath, and anything not in use gets stuffed into a corner while one machine takes center stage. The table saw also doubles as a work surface when needed. I have a few cast-off shelving units which house the hand-held power tools, mostly in their cases. I also have a fair amount of pegboard. Its not even close to ideal, but its the best I’ve ever had. Now, the fella who gave me the table saw, he’s got a nice shop: a 2 car garage with its own electrical panel, 220 service for the stationary tools…