What's the One Simple Rule (Obey)?

An astounding number of banner ads on this site and many others tell me I can LOSE MY BELLY or LOSE 40+ POUNDS or YOUR CITY MOM LOST 47 POUNDS by “Following One Simple Rule (Obey.)”

I dare not click on these ads, but I’m curious… what IS the ONE SIMPLE RULE I should (Obey)? Has anyone clicked these?

Don’t eat?

The “Obey” is a subliminal message. The fact that you’re seeing it is due either to a programming error or your new contact lenses/glasses. The other rule is “Marry and Reproduce.”

It’s complicated.

I don’t know what the one simple rule says… but it should say ‘consume less calories than you burn’, or ‘burn more calories than you consume’. If you do, over time you will lose weight.

its “take these pills”

Shit more than you eat.

that’s what the pills make you do!

Seriously: its two pills: 1 is acai based, and 1 is “bromalite” (or something), the acai is supposed to up the metabolism and down the hunger, and the bromalite is supposed to clear out all of the excess matter in your bowels.

Source: friend ordered, got caught in a cycle of reordering. She had to call the CC company to get it to stop.

If I recall the one rule to losing weight -

Eat Less and Exercise.

I learned that from Mr. B. Breathed as Opus tried any and every diet pill/fad.

It is the acai berry and colon cleanse (as seen on Oprah!!! or many other variations). I clicked on one of the ads to see what it was about, they’re trying to sell you stuff. I have to wonder if this is one of the Make Money on the Internet from the Convenience of Your Own Home!!! scams that you see around too.
If you really want to lose belly fat:
Move more. Eat less.

I know how you actually lose weight, guys, I just wanted to know what the ads were selling. Questioned answered; acai berries and poop pills.

And when the ads say “No pills required!”, they’re presumably just blowing smoke.

I wonder, does their website call them tablets or capsules instead?

George, is that you?

Send us money!

I’ve heard there’s a rule that small numbers like “one” should be written out, but I’m pretty sure that isn’t it.

The one rule of losing weight is… you do not TALK about losing weight.

Well, it should say “consume fewer calories.”



That works too, if you send enough where you can no longer afford to buy food.

Thanks, I’ve been wondering about that for ages.