Whats the possibility of me living to see a Muslim dominated Europe?

I’m 18 now, and was wondering at the present rate of declining births and rising immigration from Muslim countries, how long would it take for them to become the majority faith and culture in Europe?

There are 13 million living in Europe and immigration to various states makes that increase every year by a few million.

If it ever happens, I’ll take up arms. Because I don’t want to my culture I’ve lived in all my life be uprooted and marginalised. Now I know, I’ll probably get alot of slack for saying that, but there’s a point where everyone wants no one to cross and thats it. Besides, I have valid points if I did take extreme action on the basis of them being more intolerant than my society and people are on a whole.

Their and other religions will become obsolete before that happens.
(I suspect)

I beg to differ.

A good analogy of Islam is a rock in a river with water all around it, unmoveable unchanging and never compromising.

Even working with the figure I can remember off hand, the population of the EU (450m), Muslims make up less than 3%. And even if your figure for growth in Muslim population of “a few million” a year (I’ll work with 3m) is anywhere near correct (have you a cite?), that’s 70 years to reach 50% of the population. Disregarding population growth of the non-Muslim sector. So if you live a health life, and if your figures are right, and if that immigration continues for most of a century, then yes you might see a Muslim dominated Europe.

Take up arms? Against who? Against random mosque-goers? Against Muslim politicians (who by then would surely be found in large numbers)? Why do you think you would be ‘uprooted and marginalised’, anyway? Church-going Christians are a small minority nowadays: are they uprooted or marginalised?

And how is that different to Catholicism?

Well my secular lifestyle.


there’s the article.

Because there is seperation of Church and state, in Islam you can’t do that.

But society, or large groups of humans, or civilization, whatever, gets more and more Liberal as time passes. Technology helps this. I believe Muslim societies will get too liberal and religion too distant in people’s minds for their religious govornments to keep going.

A gobsmackingly-ignorant piece of writing.

You can’t? Then how does such a separation manage to exist in many Mulsim-dominated countries?

Yeah, but you know I’m not going to live for centuries for that to change, I would like to live in a society which doesn’t bar me from taking certain positions in government and society, or I get taxed for being a different religion. Muslims get pissed when we invade their countries and try to change their habits, maybe I want to complain about their intolerant practices and beliefs. I don’t see why I have to apologise and be all PC about them and they can say whatever they want about me and my culture, society and people.

Control and cultural habits, but many don’t sway completely from the book. Most of the laws are derivative from the Qu’ran. I know the we’ve had laws from the Bible too, but I’m talking about a culture that is 150-300 years behind us, which takes them more at face value. Our laws and practices are flexible because most of the interpretation has not been taken so literally anymore. And this is what I worry about, I worry about a more god fearing preaching culture taking over my society within a few decades/century. I don’t want to see a reversal of what we’ve worked so hard to gain. I might be paranoid, or delusional, but this is something that does worry me, I mean, what are my future generations going to face if we didn’t do something about it?

Nothing of what you describe is commonplace in Muslim-dominated countries. You’re using the exceptions as your examples.

So what if it isn’t? Would you still say these sort of governments are what we should look upto or even condone? Would you like a theocratic government?

Do you have the slightest clue what you’re talking about? Many Muslim countries have legal systems directly inherited from British colonial rule. As for not using the bible as a basis for creating laws, it’s wishful thinking that such habits have dies out. And you still haven’t explained why a growth in a Muslim population means they’ll take over “your” society.

That’s like saying “Robert Mugabe is a Christian, and he’s an evil dictator, therefore Christians in government are inherently dangerous”

You live in England . . . do you really believe you will live long enough to see Muslims become a majority in your country? Such a predominant majority that they will be able to push through censorship of non-Islamic views and taxations of non-Muslims? No, you will not live that long.

Constitution of Mali


Constitution of Malaysia

Constitution of Indonesia

Constitution of Jordan

Constitution of Albania

Constitution of Turkey

And, to what degree do these nations live up to these goals? :dubious:

Amongst long-time immigrants, the birthrate drops, and so does religious practice. Even in muslim countries, the birthrates are dropping.

You’ll never see that.

Cite for these millions of muslims coming every year?

Go out and make friends with muslims your age. Ask them if they’ve some clues for sale.