What's the purpose of a lamo like this?

It’s billed as a Lite Source Seeker Halogen Lamp, but it doesn’t tell
technological retards what it’s for.

Of course, I know the answer. but I have this problem of an inabiltity
to communicate with people on the same plane as Ed Witten or below.
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Would someone help?

Lamos like that are used to illumonate artowork or sculpturos.

It looks like a new type of light sucker. Unlike most lights that emit light when turned on, light suckers remove light when turned on. Many folks have light suckers and don’t even know it. If you have a light fixture in your house and the room darkens when the switch it activated, you have a light sucker.

It is a Lite Source™ brand clip-on halogen lamp, model: Seeker. It’s nothing special; just one more clip-on lamp.

I missed my typo in the header. :smack:
And your wordplay was funny as hell. TY.

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Thanks, Q.E.D., but you’re gonna have to explain this to Ed. And he’ so slow I can guarantee he’ll think you’re stringing him along.

Am I being wooshed here? :confused:

I used to have a light sucker, but I don’t think they make the dark bulbs for it any more.

I used to use one in my darkroom by the enlarger and chemical trays. That way I could keep the lights on in the rest of the room.

That’s not a bad idea. You can also use a portable shadow.

Ol’ Phineas said there’s a sucker born every minute. However, the number of babies born every minute has gone up since Barnum’s day. Thus, we must assume there is now less than a minute between sucker births. If the rate were still one sucker per minute, it would mean today’s children are less gullible than before. I have seen no evidence of that anywhere.

I had one of these, but the window closed unexpectedly and tore it loose.

Known in Latin, of course, as an umbrella (little shadow).

A shadow is indeed a light sucker, despite rumors that mine weighs 42 pounds.