What's the range on Wireless Keyboard/Mouse?

I’m looking into getting a good wireless keyboard/mouse, one that can go through at least (1) 2x4’d and drywalled wall to my couch in the living room. Most I have seen only go 6 feet or so using RF frequencies around 27Mhz.

Are there better keyboard/mice out there that work for say 20-25 ft? I appreciate the help!

I’m sure the answer will be blindingly obvious in retrospect, but – how will you see the monitor from the next room?

I have a Radeon 9600 Pro video card which allows for either (2) monitors or (1) monitor/(1) S-Video out simultaneously. I have been using the S-Video out to my TV for quite some time and would like to be able to use my keyboard on the couch. (Yes, finally the ultimate in laziness!)

Any ideas on a wireless keyboard/mouse combo that will work at this distance, even through (1) wall?

I don’t know whether they make them that powerful – you’d be running the risk of operating your neighbour’s computer by mistake, wouldn’t you?

Here’s what I’m thinking though (and bear in mind I’ve never had a wireless keyboard, so I could be completely wrong): presumably the keyboard and mouse transmit to some sort of receiver that plugs into the computer? Can you bring the receiver into range of the couch, and then connect it to the computer by a long cable? I guess you’ve already got one cable running through there for the TV/monitor connection.

You probably want to look at the higher end bluetooth keyboards; if the (non-bt) mouse I just bought is anything to go by, conventional wireless devices have a pretty poor range - mine has trouble if it loses line-of-sight due to the transciever being occulted by my printer (it isn’t infra red though).

You can buy a TV-like remote control for your computer. This one from ATI claims a 60ft. range. I’m sure other companies make them too so shop around.

I have a Logitech wirless keyboard and optical mouse which produce responses at something like 28 to 20 feet.
If couch is on opposite side of wall from PC it should work without question. Wall would make little or not problem.
Borrow a demo unit for a trial or test, or buy with return priveledge is not satisfactory.

I read an article a while back about how two neighbors had bought the same brand keyboard that just happened to have the same frequency, and were both mystified when their respective computers would start typing legible text in inappropriate places. Granted, I think this was in an apartment building, so I don’t think it was that great of a range, but it did go through a wall. I’ll see if I can find a link.