Wireless keyboard & KVM

I bought a Microsoft wireless keyboard and mouse set to use with my laptop when I’m displaying it on the high def TV we just bout. Everything is peachy except the mouse doesn’t have sufficient range. I only need to be about ten feet away where the sofa is but the mouse doesn’t work at all and the keyboard is marginal. What is a better choice of keyboard and mouse?

On a related note I’m getting my home office setup for multiple computers. In most cases I’ll be running two machines but the laptops don’t have PS/2 ports so I’m using USB exclusively. Does anyone make a VGA+USB switch?

On your wireless setup, have you tried repositioning the receiver unit so that it has a better “line of sight” range to your keyboard/mouse? Sometimes that will help with the reception.

I’ve played with the reciever position a lot and it appears that the mouse is the weak link. My logitech laptop wireless mouse works okay from that distance even though the receiver actually faces the wrong way when plugged in.

I’ve considered bluetooth but don’t want to spend that much money unless I know IR won’t work.

Iogear and Belkin make KVM switches with USB ports.

When I was buying my wireless keyboard and mouse most of the boxes indicated that the range was about 6.5 feet. You will need one that can connect at a longer distance like this one which has a 30ft. range.

What do they mean by “scissors style keys?” As opposed to what?