What's the record for one-handed typing speed?

Not actually meant to be a dirty question, believe it or not.

But I am wondering what the record typing speed using only one hand is. Guinness lists the world record for (presumably) two-handed typing as 212 words per minute, and an average professional typist reaches 50-70 wpm, apparently.

IIRC, I personally get somewhere over 40 wpm, normally, but I’d like to know what I can reasonably aim for if I get one arm gnawed off by shrews or something.

No idea, but if one exists, I’m sure it was set with a chord keyboard, rather than typing one-handed on a standard keyboard. The mouse was only half of the office of the future proposed by Doug Englebart during his famous Mother of All Demos. The other part was a five key keyboard that the user typed letters and numbers by pressing combinations of the five keys.

Just thought I’d point out that the linked video is one hour and fourteen minutes long.

And worth every second of it. It was an hour and fourteen minutes of the future of computing that predicted and directed the world that followed, as well as providing ideas that programmers still have yet to follow up upon.

Also, do you know how difficult it is to find a video of a chord keyboard being used, and to filter out all the instructional videos about how to play chords on a piano keyboard?

OK. So what’s wrong with giving someone a heads up?

No. How hard is it?

The record for two-handed typing is only 212 wpm?? Criminy, I’ve typed 190ish on a standard qwerty Model M since high school.