What's The SD on Donald Trump?

I admit, I know very little about the man.
Because he is contemplating a run for president, I would like to know more about him.
Is he:
-A business genius? He seems to have made a lot of money in real estate development-was he lucky?
-A con man? He has had 4 bsiness bankruptcies-has he been honest with his investors?
-A whiz at running a casino? I tend to doubt this, as his NJ casino seems rund down and close to bankrupt.
-A financial whiz? He seems top have had no problem attracting investors to his schemes.
From wjhat little I know, he seems to be a successful businessman.
Is he presidential material?:confused:

He is successful in that he has a huge ego and attracts lots of money to fulfill his ideas. He is a very bad businessman in that many of his ideas fail quite spectacularly and result in financial damage for many people which should include him but he just seems to shake it off and go back to get more.

He was born into money and his family’s real estate business. From there, it was mostly showmanship and personality that did attract a great deal of wealth to his projects even after he failed a number of times.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want the U.S. run in that style and I hope most people don’t either. He probably knows that deep down but attention whoring is his brand so that is why he is going for it. Just another example of a “winner”. Billionaires are a special breed but that doesn’t include well rounded skills and tact. I don’t think Steve Jobs would make a good president either.

You have to remembers bankruptcy doesn’t necessarily mean failure, it’s just one of many tools to make a business more competitive

He’s a master self-promoter. One of the best in the world right now, I think, based on his uncanny ability to get people to care about him in spite of his mediocre business abilities.

On a smaller scale no, but on his scale it does. I don’t want him trying a stunt to make the U.S. more competitive by using bankruptcy as a tool.

I only skim read biz-pages and am not going to try to Google now, but there were at least two Trump ventures where my reading gave the distinct impression he’d structured the deal as “Heads I win; Tails you lose.”, e.g. so that junk bond or mortgage holders put up the capital, but Trump got the large fees and residual profits. This may be very clever businessmanship, but I wonder why people find it admirable.

I’m almost more aware of the personalities in Thai politics these days, than American personalities. I’ve listened to villagers talk about voting for people they know are crooks. (“He’s our crook.”) Thaksin Shinawatra (the Thai ex-P.M. who financed the red shirt terrorists, has a pending arrest warrant, but may be back after general elections in July :smack: ) famously absconded with a huge sum of taxpayer money in 1997, and continued this pattern while he was P.M. I mentioned the 1997 fraud to an intelligent Thaksin-supporting professional. He surprised me by stating he was quite aware of it and used it as a point in Thaksin’s favor :smack: :-- Such fraud proves Thaksin is savvy; we want savvy men as P.M. :smiley:

It often seems to me that American politics has fallen to Thailand’s level; demonstrating that Trump is a fraudster may just increase support for him. :dubious: