What's the skinny on calcium?

Years ago, in a knock-down-drag-out in the Pit, which concerned weight loss (do those thread ever go well?), Lord Ashtar mentioned that calcium aided weight loss. After giving him a whatchutalkinaboutwillis, he e-mailed me a white paper explaining the benefits of calcium. Shortly thereafter, I began to see approximately 3248506 commercials for deep-fried cheese a la mode, claiming that science shows that such things are now good for you.

But all that has stopped. I have now heard that dairy (and calcium) are not the slenderizers they were yesteryear. What’s up with that? Is there some new evidence that refutes the old? I can’t find much on the web.

Within the last mont hor so, I’ve been seeing a LOT of tv commercials urging one to drink three 8-oz. glasses of lowfat or skim milk a day, 24 ounces in 24 hours. It features an curvy milk glass.

A USA Today story, discussing the science behind the 24/24 campaign.

All I have to say is 24 ounces every day? urk! I like milk, but I can’t imagine sucking down that much! Having to consume so much of any single food as part of your weight-loss plan is just a recipe for failure.

I don’t think having milk being the bulk of your diet is a big problem if that’s the way you likes it :wink: