What's the source of the "We've been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty" meme?

That may be how it works nowadays, but historically U.S. Fidelis would sell you an actual service contract for your vehicle. It would be an expensive contract with very poor coverage, but they did pay out on some claims.

I get the car warranty calls at least 2-3 times weekly. For a while it was sometimes more than once a day. The “your social security number has been suspended due to fraudulent activity” calls are down to about one a month or so.
The Apple or Microsoft virus guy hasn’t been around in a while.

I received three TODAY!!

Months? Try 3 hours ago.

What really pisses me off about them is that they don’t nicely release the phone line. They can tie up to as much as a minute or more before I’m able to use my phone again.

The most amusing part to me is . . . I haven’t owned a car for the last 15 years…

…and the message always begins with “This is your FINAL notice!”

I always get some lady speaking Chinese. No idea what she’s saying, but I can tell it’s the same recording.

Immigration violation scam. Aimed at recent immigrants.

I get them frequently, on my personal phone and also on my work phone (which is a Washington State government phone). In my case it’s always a robo-dialer; a recorded message pretending to be a real person, not a real person.

I got a few messages in Chinese calling my work phone years ago, and I asked a coworker (who was from China), after listening to them she said it was someone pretending to be from the IRS calling.

I figured it was a scam aimed at recent immigrants one way or another. I’m just outside of San Francisco, so there’s plenty of them here, although I can’t guess how they got my number, specifically.

Ah, right, OK - the fake renewal scam - I’ve seen that one with web domain registration too - because the registrant’s contact details used to be in the open, you’d get a scary letter strongly implying that you need to ‘renew’ with a company that you had actually never dealt with.

There’s probably multiple scams. A few years ago a reporter investigated one of them and that one was apparently someone pretending to be from Bank of America. When she had a Chinese friend call them back the person told them someone in China was trying to send her money, and they needed her account number to deposit the funds.

Wow. You must be really lucky not to have gotten these calls.

I moved out of state and kept my old area
code - made management so much easier. Now when a call comes in from my old area, I can easily ignore it, and the frequency of those calls has diminished to 1-2 a week. At the same time scammers in my new area haven’t tumbled to the fresh sucker in town.


That makes sense, but I didn’t want people I was calling to think someone was calling them from out-of-state and ignore my calls.

I have one word for you: “voice Message”.


Bingo, I think…

Been a long while since any Nigerian scam, but every so often I get a trip down nostalgia lane when some pitch about enhancing my penis makes it past the filtering, so I’ll take that to fill the card.

I’m not at that point but when I truthfully told one, “My newer car could drink this year if it was human. What can you do for me?” she hung up.

Well over 50% of the phone calls I’ve gotten in the past 3 years have been from robots desperate to tell me that they’re concerned that my car’s warranty is expired. Not calls of this nature and also warnings about the IRS/timeshare etc too, better than half are calls about this exact topic of car warranties. It’s madness.

You ought to try calling people sometime. You would be amazed at how many people either let their voicemail fill up, so that you can’t leave a message, or else have never set it up in the first place.