What's the status of your childhood/teenage celebrity crush(es)?

I’m 31. Cindy Crawford and Mariah Carey still ring my bell as much now as they used to back when I was 14.

Alicia Silverstone and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen, I’ve kind of forgotten about.

How 'bout you, Dopers?

Olivia Newton-John is 61 now. She looks darned good for 61, but she doesn’t do it for me anymore…then again, that crush was 30 years ago.

Shari Lewis, long dead, or course, but it there’s no mystery why I was smitten at age 4

Kathy Ireland was one of my big teenage crushes. She still looks good. I never knew she had 2 left feet. She didn’t get far on DWTS.

I crushed hard on Melissa Gilbert when I was but a wee lad (alas, not on a prairie). While I can’t say she rings my bell like once did, I must say she is aging very nicely. :slight_smile:

I had a crush on the geek girl in Square Pegs. She wasn’t classically beautiful like others on the show, but she made it up with intelligence and personality. The actress’s name is Sarah Jessica Parker.

Now she’s much larger than she was, and she’s still taking flak for not being classically beautiful. I’ve never watched an episode of Sex and the City, but I’m still faithful. SJP Forever!

Britney Spears - Wouldn’t touch with a barge-pole now.]

Christina Aguilera - Would. Her ‘skany’ image is a carefully orchestrated one.

Alicia Silverstone - Meh.

Katherine Heigl - So definitely would.

Shannon Miller - Not sure. I think I’d like just spending time with her.

There were almost certainly more than that, but I can’t recall them right now.

Melissa Joan-Hart is still good looking although I managed to grow taller while I think she’s still the same height she was when I was 8.

Jodi Sweeten looked good at the Bob Sagget roast but apparently got pretty messed up on meth for a while.

Tiffany Amber-Theisan still looks good but she’s starting to look old now. A couple of years ago she was on a show called Fastlane and was smoking hot but on White Collar she’s good looking but more average.

Robert Downey Jr. still looks awesome, and I’m pretty sure he always will.

Edward Furlong, on the other hand, does nothing for me anymore.

Mine, before I was a teenager, was Leif Garrett. Not only does he not look so hot now, but I think he was just recently busted for drugs again.

As a teen, I had a big ol’ crush on Tracy Gold, of Growing Pains.

Today…? I’m still in my bunk

Alyssa Milano not on the list yet? Who’s the Boss was good back in the days. I tihnk she’s married now and looking good still.

Robert Sean Leonard. Looked great to my 14 year-old self when I watched My Best Friend is a Vampire on HBO. Still looks damn good to my 26 year-old self as Wilson on House.

Devon Sawa, on the other hand, who I liked when I was maybe twelve. . .not so much. He was the crazy guy in the “Stan” video, and he did nothing for me. Heh. Whoops.

The last I saw her the pink power ranger was still hot. Oh Amy Jo Johnson

I don’t care about their problems The Olsen Twins are both really really really hot

Number one on my list though…

Amanda Bynes…oh so hot.

Johnny Depp from the “21 Jumpstreet” days.

Not only extremely talented, he appears to be in possession of the One Ring. He’s hardly aged.

Susan Dey…looking pretty ragged last time I saw and that was years ago.

Maureen McCormack (Marcia Brady)…Looked OK last I saw. Aged better than I have.

Peggy Lipton…still hot as Hell. I crush on her daughter now.

Richard Marx… now married to Penny from Dirty Dancing. Boo!

I think I may have crushed on Kirk Cameron for a while, but woo-boy! I’m still trying to reconcile my tv-perfect image of him with this video I saw of him debating evolution with a bunch of college students. Not so hot no more.http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2009/11/24/kirk-cameron-confronted-o_n_368767.html

Farrah Fawcett–dead
Gilda Radner–dead
Lynda Carter–still kind of fetching
Bernadette Peters–I’d still hit that
Susan Dey–kind of lost track of her after LA LAW
Olga Korbut, Nadia Comeneci–prematurely old and scary

What can I say? I’m a 70s kid.

My dorky teenage crush is John Linnell from They Might Be Giants. Status: still crushing, 15 years later.

43, gay.

Best aged:

Travolta (though no longer my type, his preening in bikini briefs ‘inspired me to try something new’ when I was about 12 or 13)

Matt Dillon- still good looking

Tom Cruise- still good looking, though we know more about him now I suppose

Jason Bateman (a little younger than I am so he didn’t become a crush til later) is still adorable.


Marc Singer- admittedly a good bit older than the rest of them, but didn’t age that well.

Greg Evigan- cute face but no real talent and faded by 30.

Shaun Cassidy- really didn’t age well.