What's the story behind this photo?

Who are these guys?

I’m praying that it’s photoshopped.

If so, can you link the original photo?


The halfwit who put together that photo should have typed

“Even these guys think you’re an idiot”

I believe the men in the photo may have this condition.

It’s by Roger Ballen, from a series of photographs that he did of rural South Africa. It’s not photoshopped.

Their names are Dresie and Casie.

That series of photos depressed the hell out of me.


Thanks for the answers.

FWIW, I think many of the photos are quite reminiscent of Diane Arbus’s stuff.

I know we had a thread a while back about this photo…

It’s in Why are Stupid Looking People Stupid thread (last post 10-01-09) and it’s mentioned again in the Products of Incest thread (last post 6-29-09).

If I recall my photo history correctly it has been speculated the twins have Martin-Bell syndrome.