looking for photograph - chinless yokel brothers

Hey there

I’m looking for a photo (B&W) I’d found online a while back, and can’t seem to re-find. My google-fu must be sadly lacking.

It’s a picture of two men, I’m assuming brothers by their close resemblance. They look like, for want of a more polite term, inbred hillbillies, really chinless & slack-jawed.

I think it was possibly one of those US Govt/ Dept of Interior-type documentary series? Like the depression photos, or the Okie ones I’ve seen. Hell, they may even have been Okies, but for some reason Appalachians keeps coming to mind (cue Duelling Banjos). The website I remember seeing it on seemed to treat it like a well-known shot, it was followed by that Mother/child Okie photo that’s also famous.

Any ideas? Anyone with better search-engine skills?

The name of the photographer you might be looking for is Dorothea Lange, who took that famous picture of a Migrant Mother and her children.

That’s the other photo I mentioned in my OP. I’ve looked into Lange, but it seems she did her work in California, and I can’t find the desired photo in any online portfolio of hers

Is this the one? They’re not American, but they’re definitely chinless and slackjawed.

Yes! That’s them. Thanks very much, MagicEyes

But my sweet lord, was I ever wrong, it’s a recent photo - right in my back yard, too!


I can feel my memory going, dave…

So, just to be absolutely clear: the photo in question turns out to ** not be of “inbred hilbillies”? ** Oh, dear, another stereotype bites the dust.

Another reason not to neuter your Kallikaks before they’re gene-tested.

Some people , apparently, just need Extreme Makeover.

Oh, they’re inbred hillbillies, alright, just not American hillbillies, as I’d previously thought.

Oh, were you expecting an apology?

That used to be the first Google Image hit if you searched for “twins” with Moderate Safe Search “On”. With the safe search “off”, you got a set of stunning nude twin babes setting on a beach. Google Image search has evidently changed it’s search algorithm, now neither pic pops up under the same search.

I am glad to see someone RSVP’d to my invitation to come piss on a thread. I was dreadfully afraid no one would show up.