What's the term for this kind of arhitecture?

What’s the word for that English-style house design with the white walls intersected by dark wood lines (bad description, I know.) I have a picture of what I mean here, which I got by doing an image search for “English House.”

I believe what you have pictured is “English Tudor”.

True, in itself, but try looking up half-timbered.

…or colloquially in some parts of England as “black and whites”.

English Tudor

There’s two definitions crossing into one another - half-timbering isn’t unique to Tudor styles, and Tudor styles don’t have to include half timbering. But yes, what the OP has linked to shows both.

Thanks, everyone.

I love this style - I started out drawing it in a comic, but had no idea what it was called, until now.

This isn’t just english, in fact, the picture you linked to is a style common in medieval Germany, called “fachwerk”.

I was going to say essentially the same thing than ** Rusalka **. This building style isn’t specifically english, and you can find similar buildings in many countries, and build at different periods.
So, I don’t think “english Tudor” would be a correct definition. In France, they’re called “maisons a colombages”.
A correct name would probably refers to the building method, not to a specific place and time. The english translation of french tourist sites (where you obviously couldn’t use “english Tudor”) use the word “half timbered houses” mentionned by a previous poster.