What's the title of this song?

This is driving me nuts. On the Muzak at work (which drives me insane, anyway) there’s a song I remember from the late 60’s/early 70’s. As I recall, the lyrics are:

Blue, blue, my eyes are blue
something, something, something,
now I’m without you.

Gray, gray, my eyes are gray,
something, something, something,
since you went away.

I’ve Googled my little heart out and can’t find anything.

How bout

Blue, blue my wold is blue when I’m without you.
That’s Love is Blue by a great many people.

This song has an odd history. It was written by Andree Popp (music) and Pierre Cour (lyrics) as Luxembourg’s entry in the 1967 Eurovision song contest, where it was sung by Vicky Leandros, It placed fourth. (Britain’s Sandie Shaw won for “Puppet on a String.”) Leandros went on to record it in an additional 18 languages!

Paul Mauriat included an instrumental version on Blooming Hits and for some reason it was released as a single in the U.S. Somehow in psychedelic 1968 the song caught on and eventually stayed at number one for a full five weeks. Not only that but Al Martino, Claudine Longet, and Manny Kellem also had versions in the top 100 at the same time.

Mauriat’s version is so catchy that it burrows in through your ear like a babel fish and stays there forever. Still a favorite of mine. The Muzak-style versions just don’t match up to his, alas, but you do hear them everywhere.