What's The Watergate Hotel Like

I have never been there. Has anyone here stayed in the Watergate Hotel and Complex? Both now or in the early 70s when it became famous. What were your impressions of it?

What level of hotel was it? Was it upscale like the Ritz or Four Season or more mid level? Just would like to hear impressions of the hotel, both as it is now and as it was then in the early 70s


As of now, I think it’s closed. It bounced around different owners and management companies in recent years, and it was supposed to start a renovation a couple of years ago. Financing fell through when the economy tanked, and I think a bank now owns it.

I never stayed there and don’t know about the rooms, but the restaurant (Jean-Louis) was top-of-the-line in its heyday.

It was a top of the line Four Seasons Hotel, from what I understood.