What's the weirdest thing you've eaten?

And spill the details…not just “I’ve eaten ground up grub worms.” We want to know why and how you came to eat ground up grub worms.

Inspired by this thread.


I’m strictly a cow-pig-chicken gal. I’ve eaten venison sausage once, and as I recall, it wasn’t half bad.

Hmm. I ate some kangaroo once at a Fish Camp while visiting my mother in law.
It was on the menu, and I was curious.
Was fairly delish.

Probably roasted, cheese and barbeque flavored grub worms.

I had alligator once. Pretty good.

I’d have to say chitterlings (chitlins).

I was offered a bite during a dinner with about a dozen people at Sylvia’s.

Every fiber of my being instantly screamed “SPIT IT OUT!!” but alas I could not.

It tasted like a rag or something soaked in a spitoon overnight. Something to that effect.

Kangaroo doesn’t count – the restaurant down the road offers it and I eat it every time we go there :). Emu too.

For me I think it would be sheep brains.

Hmmmm…okay then:
Not weird by way of being gross, but everyone always says it’s weird when I tell them. Being from the south, we eat some weird stuff. When I was sick my mom always used to fry up some salmon, bake up some buttermilk biscuits, and then we’d mix peanut butter and syrup together to form a gooey paste. Spread mixture over salmon and biscuits. Enjoy.

If by “eat” you mean " to take in through the mouth : ingest, chew, and swallow in turn", then I guess I’d have to say that it was $0.40 in dimes that I had in my mouth (a very convenient place for temporary storage of small items, I think) as I approached a toll booth.

If you’re talking food, then it would probably be goose feet when I was in Taiwan. The Shark Fin Soup was kinda odd, too. Tasty, though.

The fungus that grows on corn cobs (Ecuador).
Chicken feet,

Pig snouts and anuses, cow lips, bull testicles, calf stomaches, etc.

It was called a “hot dog” for some strange reason.

(Punchline to an old joke: “What part of the dog did YOU get?”)

I’d have to say it was in the Philippines when I tried balut, “the egg with legs.” I hope I’m never again drunk enough to try it again. Heck, I don’t even consider menudo, AKA cow guts and popcorn, to be that weird.

I’d have to say Alligator, too. There is a nice seafood place just down the road that has a few “cajun” menu items, and for some reason they have some sort of fried alligator appetizer on the menu. Our friends were intrigued and had to order some. I believe I took a bite. Chewy, if I recall, but like many fried things it just tasted like the breading.

Hey, I forgot…

Try to describe the taste.

Would you eat it again?

I’m going to hate myself for asking, considering I don’t eat eggs…

“Egg with legs?” Tell me that’s not a chick embryo.

It’s not a chick embryo.

It’s a duck embryo!

Alligator, at a cajun restaurant.
Goat, at Taste of Chicago festival.
Turtle soup, ditto.

My favorite - Ostrich on a Stick!

I have two.

The first is blood sausage when I was in Germany. This is neither weird or particularly disgusting except that I had the misfortune of seeing it in the process of being made. Something about the way they dipped the sausage rolls into this huge vat of bubbling blood made (makes) my skin crawl.

The second ocurred several years ago when I was working nights on a loading dock. I worked with several Mexican gentleman, one of whom was kind enough to offer me a burrito one night when I had forgotten my lunch. I gratefully accepted it and took a large bite. It was a (delicious) homemade tortilla stuffed with what looked like a wet sponge. I asked him what it was and he asked me if I knew what chicharones (I’m not sure of the spelling) were. I replied that I did know what they were (fried pig skin, i.e. pork rinds) but that what I was eating did not appear to be that. He replied that they were in fact chicharones but that his Grandmother didn’t fry the pig skin, she just boiled it.:eek:

I like raw turnips (sliced into crunchy wedges).

Mrs Stockton thinks that’s weird.

Guinea pigs.

They flay 'em and roast 'em on a spit in Ecuador, although I understand their more often fried in other parts of South America (like Peru). They’re called “cuy.” Tasted like really greasy dark meat chicken.

I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Ecuador. While I never did try the corn fungus mentioned above, I did eat many, many guinea pigs. They are killed and dipped in boiling water to remove hair, eviscerated, decapitated, opened up and salted for grilling. Very good.

Weirder still was a ceviche (usually uncooked shrimp or fish that is marinated in lime juice) made from pig skin. It was served in a tomate de arbol salsa. Imagine bits of cooked linguini in catsup. I couldn’t bring myself to eat it, though one of the Peace Corps staff who had been living there for 20 years did.


cj - When were you in Ecuador? I have 2 friends who are going there with the Peace Corps in February.