What's the worst insult you've ever received?


A former bus buddy wrote me an e-mail last week,

I wrote back,

Jeez. Way to make a girl feel sexy.

Am I wrong or is that one of the few things you should never, ever, ever assume?

That is the one question I will not ask someone unless it is sooooo obvious that they’re pregnant.

I received my worst insult a couple of weeks ago when a plus sized gal came up to me at work and said, “I wish God had given me your body and given you my body because you are so skinny, it just makes me sick!”

May not seem like an insult to some but I was very offended by it!

“So that facelift didn’t quite work out, huh?”
“Damn! What are you smugglin’ under there?”
“Has the postal service assigned you your own zip code yet?”

There’re a lot worse put downs.

Was it possible your bus buddy just wanted to get caught up on what was happening with you?

Ding ding ding. This is ringing an unpleasant bell. <hijack> I thought it was safe to make kindly baby comments to a hugely obviously pregnant woman, but I recently participated in a laborious usenet thread about how you should never even do THAT because of that one-in-a-million chance you say it to a woman who has a morbidly sick baby in utero that she has to carry to term before it can be born to die peacefully. Which I know happens, but geez, some people would have us wear muzzles lest we ever offend. I have a friend who actually has a similar problem, although there is a good chance her baby will make it with a good coupla dozen surgeries… and she has resolved to just enjoy the kindly attention now because she knows it’s a hard road ahead. So she will neither correct nor resent people who make baby comments to her.</hijack>

Back to insults. I had a guy guess my age in a bar and guess about 5 years older than I am. Knowing that ANY guy with half a brain shaves at least 5 years off his real guess, that left me reeling.

In junior high some real popular guy (a mouth-breather, but popular) ask me to dance. I was suspicious so I thankfully told him to buzz off. I later found out they were having a contest to see who could dance with the ugliest girl. Ouch.

Is it in?

When I was about 14-15, a guy in my neighborhood who I’d refused to go out with came to my door and when I came outside, him and a couple of his friends rapped a song about a whore with crabs and other venereal diseases, implying that I was such a person. It was all I could do not to cry, but it confirmed for me that I was wise not to go out with him, if this was how he acted when I said “no.” I was so embarrassed. My mother was inside and overheard part of it, and didn’t know what the hell was going on.

Lets not even talk about elementary school, OK?

I was once called selfish by someone I loved. It stung a lot, partly because it was true, and partly because it was what I hated most about myself.

I get the same crap, Rachelle. “God, I hate you. You’re soooo skinny.” You know what? After you hear about 50 people tell you that they hate you for the way you look, even jokingly, it begins to get old. I generally respond with a “I hate you. You have such a great nose. Too bad neither of us can take credit for our genetics.”

"Will that be cash, sir?

This said to me while I was buying stockings. Made me feel like I should pull them over my face, thank you very much. Aargh.
Edwardina…Yikes, I hate that nasty, juvenile stuff! I’m mentally kicking his sorry butt right now.

I was once in love with a pretty good friend of mine. After much waffling on the subject, I decided to tell him how I felt. He responded by saying that I was intelligent and funny and talented, but I was too ugly to date him.

First a little background. My girlfriend was 17 and I was 20 when we got married (Yes we’re still married, 18 years later). She was pregnant, and I was… the responsible type. The day I found out she was pregnant, I swore to myself that I would provide a good life for my family. Aaaaanyway, fast forward a couple of years, I went to school full time, I worked full time at a crummy job. The only time I was ever home was to sleep. I didn’t see my oldest son’s early years except on weekends and school breaks. I got my first programming job at “a major airline” in Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas.

Now, fast forward to my wife’s first family reunion after I started working for the airline. One of her cousins come up and asks me in a friendly sort of way "What’s it like to have a real job?"

This is coming from a guy who’s grandparents paid his way through school, and he had never worked a day in his life. He still gets money from grandma & papa. “We need to make a downpayment on a house”, “We need to buy a new car”. Makes me sick. I wanted to kill him.

THAT was the worst insult that I’ve ever received. You know what I still hate most about it? He’ll never be in a situation like that. He’ll never see things through my eyes. He’ll never understand what I’ve gone through. That must have happened 10 or more years ago, and it still pisses me off.

Sorry to be so preachy.

“I will no longer be your fag hag.”


Erk! Doncha hate that?
That happened to me a lot, too.
I automatically was suspicious like you were when popular guys asked me to dance or go out or something.
Junior high was ten years ago and I still get pissed off thinking of that.

Worst insult was being told I was a feminist.

Howzabout a response of “if skinniness in others breeds hate, you must be very well loved” It might not make the people stop bitching, but it could be fun…

Seriously though, the people who say they hate you, probably are just angry at their own excessive sizes, and you just remind them. I dunno, my lunchtime posts are odd.

Worst insult from a woman I had asked out…“Can’t we just be friends,you are like a brother to me”…argggh…

ChiefScott asked,

Oh yeah definitely. The guy who said it was just a kindly oldster and couldn’t possibly have meant it as an insult. That made it a little easier to accept… But man was that the wrong thing to say.

Cranky related,

Kids can be so mean. When I was in 6th grade I had a boyfriend (Oooh, we held hands!) who broke up with me by saying, “I only went out with you because Joe dared me.”
I think he was just being a jerk because we were “going out” for a few weeks, but it still hurt.

Yeesh, people can be cruel. I do feel that being teased as a child has made me a more sympathetic adult. Anyone agree?

The usual one, of nice intentions, but no,
“You speak well”

Okay, here’s my moment of misery…

Back in 95 I was very involved with my SO of the time. I had very very strong feelings for her and was contemplating proposing to her. We were living together in our own apt and it was about 6-8 months into the relationship…

One my gf’s favorite past-times was shopping. She had a favorite dept. store in the mall, which I was usually along with her everytime she went in there. Whenever she stopped at the jewelry counter, there was a particular ring that she admired and was constantly drooling over and trying on. It was a pink tourmaline birthstone with a gold band.
She had been admiring this ring for months.

Feeling as I did for her, I decided one day to buy the ring for her, as a surprise and token of my affection. I went to the dept. store alone, signed up for a credit card, and bought the ring for her. Although it wasn’t an engagement ring, and I wasn’t really ready to pop the question, I always thought of the ring as very special, and kind of considered it a “pre-engagement” ring, in my mind.

I took the ring home, and my GF was sitting on the sofa watching tv. I said, “I’ve got something for you.” and told her to close her eyes and hold out her hand. She did so, and I put the ring case in her hand. She opened the case, looked at me, looked back at the ring, then she put it on her finger. At this point, I knew something was wrong because she had said not one word, yet. I asked her what was the matter, and then she said it… the most painful thing I EVER heard in my life! She did NOT say “Awwww you shouldn’t have” or “Oh my god, that’s so sweet” or even “thank you” …she said…

"It doesn’t look good on my finger."

I was crushed. I felt like a million tons of bricks had just fallen on me. I knew then that she didn’t really love me and was using me. Now, to this day, I am terrified of ever buying a woman anything sentimental ever again. Talk about pain. She wasn’t worth it in the end anyway and is long out of the picture. The rest of this ring story gets even worse, but I will leave it at this.



What the HELL were you doing with a lousy bitch like that anyway?
I don’t even know you and that hurts me.

I am so sorry.
Please continue.
Tell me more…

by the way-
if you ever bought me anything sentinmental- even if it were an alligator puppet from Bradlees- I would have been touched.

Don’t worry about it- most women aren’t like that.
The vast majority would melt away by such a gesture.
And even if the thought is not enough to make her like the gift, 99.4% of teh female population would at least
pretend to like it…

brachyrhynchos, sir? called YOU sir? did you slap the son of a bitch??? just saw your picture, how could anyone mistake you for a sir? i hate that, and i’m a guy.

worst insult said to me was by my cousin when i was 13.

this is pretty much part of being brought up in a disfunctional family, but i was told i was a horrible mistake, and that i was the reason my family was doing so horribly. This of course being later affirmed by my aunt, his mother, and then my uncle yelling at them in front of me telling them it’s not supposed to be spoken about.

talk about walking away with a hole in your chest you can fit caddilac in. needless to say, my mother says i was a mistake, but at 19 she decided she finally didn’t regret having me. gee thanx mom, lucky for you i guess i’m so forgiving and see it in myself to overlook all this. :rolleyes:

my apologies, go on.