What's the worst thing that could happen if Bush/Kerry is elected?

For Democrats the worst thing that could happen in the upcoming election is if Bush is elected again. What’s the worst that he could do?

For Republicans the worst thing that could happen in the upcoming election is if Kerry is elected. What’s the worst that he could do?

Any of the following, I’m not sure which I would count as the worst: appoint a conservative Supreme Court justice or two and set the stage (if not it doesn’t actually happen in his term) for Roe v. Wade to be overturned; start another war; continue with a foreign policy that will breed terrorists and isolate America.

I think that the long-term consequences could be the most severe: destabilization in the Middle East combined with the rise of new extremist regimes, leading to more conflicts in the future. He could also work to further weaken environmental standards, and he could continue to stand in the way of scientific progress because of his religious beliefs, all of which have consequences for our decendants.

In the short term, he might work on chiseling away at reproductive rights, and other civil librities. He could propose an ammendment to ban gay marriage (though I’m not really afraid that it might pass). There are other issues to which he could exert political pressure: medical malpractice, arctic drilling, logging in national parks, and clubbing baby seals (just kidding.)

I expect that, if elected, Bush will concoct a convincing excuse to invade Iran.

Picture the current Bush administration minus any restraints imposed by re-election concerns; one whose only concerns are to enact as many long-term policies as possible to entrench their legacy.

Re-read the OP: He wants to know what is the worst that could happen, not the best-case scenario!

The word Armageddon in the Middle East keeps coming to my mind if Bush stays in power.
If Kerry gets elected…same thing but here as well.

Isn’t the general consensus among everybody other than Bush supporters is that he’s a puppet? Sure, Bush mightn’t feel so constrained once he’s into his second term but the people who have really brought us to the miserable situation we have today will still be looking out for their own interests and agendas. Ashcroft, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. Are we to believe that if they’ve reined in their activities, it was at the behest of Bush?

And this would be bad because?.. :smiley: :wink:

Unintentional or not, that may be the darkest post we see all thread.

Squink’s scenario is more specific and way darker. I can imagine it happening though.

… except it won’t be anymore convincing than his other excuses.

Help the Republicans maintain control of both houses of Congress.

Help the Democracts gain control of both houses of Congress.

I think recent history shows that said excuse would only have to be convincing enough to get the armed forces over there.

Sad but true :frowning: I might prefer the Armageddon thing. Perhaps he could get the term limits for the presidency removed…no they’re getting Arnold prepped for POTUS soon as they get rid of the immigration restrictions.
Worse thing Bush could do with four more years in the Whitehouse. How about pave the way for the Terminator to get elected…Sig Heil on that.

1- A completely unrestrained raid on the US Treasury. If you think the deficits are bad now, wait until Bush’s backers collect their IOUs from the Treasury.

2- Appointment of radical right justices to the Supreme Court and the overturning of Roe v Wade.

3- More wars under the guise of The War on Terror

4- Further alienation of our allies and withdrawal from the UN

5- Gutting of any and all environmental regulations

6- Suspension of civil liberties in the name of fighting terrorism and institution of martial law

7- Cheney has heart attack and dies, Bush nominates Rush Limbaugh for VP slot

It wasn’t at the behest of Bush. Any restraint they showed was simply because they also wanted another four years. I imagine it’s easier to get more of lasting impact done in eight years than it is in four.

As for war in Iran, I think that’s as hard to swallow as the Anti gay marraige amendment. Not many people in congress are likely to vote for something like that after the way Iraq has blown up in their faces. International support will be even harder to come by.

As for the op…

Appoint conserative judges to the supreme court, continued deficit building, continued environmental and scientific ignorance. I’m also not too thrilled about paving the way to get Arnold into the white house.

Kerry starts agreeing to terrorist demands.

Bush gets Roe vs. Wade overturned.

Since this seems to be a common fear, let’s not forget that overturning Roe v Wade would ***not ** * outlaw abortions, but only return the matter to the states to decide. I suppose a few states might outlaw abortions, but most would keep the status quo.

True, but a lot of us pro-choicers don’t want to see a woman’s right to choose restricted by her state of residence.