What's This Crud Coming Out In My Brush?

I’ve been growing my hair out for the past few months now and have switched from a comb to a hairbrush. I’ve noticed that not only is there a lot of hair coming out in the brush, but there is also what appears to be lint, along with some kind of a waxy substance. What is this? What’s causing this?? How do I make it go away???


I only have WAG based on seeing this as well. I would assume it is dead skin off your scalp (dead skin makes up most of dust anyway), as well as oil from your scalp which gradually oozes down your hair. Do you use styling products? Mousse and gel may leave residue behind as well. Anyway, it looks gross but I’m pretty sure it’s normal.

Also, if you grow your hair super-long and sees what looks like huge amounts of hair in the drain, no worries. It just looks like you’re losing a lot of hair, but it’s no more than normal.

My husband had the creeping crud for a while. The druggist told him to use dandruff shampoo and it fixed it immediately. Try it.

I’ve had long hair for years, and “waxy build up” on my hairbrush as well.

It’s a mix of normal scalp oils, skin flakes, and the random dust and dirt your hair picks up. The same shampoo you use on your head will probably take care of the gunk on the brush.

OK, now that a sufficient number of serious replies have been posted, who else opened this thread after having mis-read the title as “What’s This Crud Coming Out Of My Bush?”

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i did