What's this file? EA DATA. SF

I am trying to copy two files onto a floppy disk on my Windows NT PC. When I copy them, the floppy disk then appears to have three files on it. The additional file is named “Ea data. sf” (there are spaces in the third position and just after the period). Windows Explorer reports that the MS-DOS name of the file is also EA DATA. SF (with the two spaces still there, which I thought was impossible in DOS). If I open a Command Prompt window and do the DIR command, I don’t see this mysterious file. I have tried two different floppies and it appears on both of them. I can’t delete the file because “it is a system file”.

What the hell is it???

Google is your friend…


It holds extended file attribute information. Do not delete it, or files might no longer be accessible. Both OS/2 and Windows NT utilize it, AFAIK.