What's this game.

I vaguely remember playing a in which the players each stick a piece of paper on their forehead so that everyone else can see something on that paper but that player can’t. Then you try to find out what’s on your paper.
That’s all I remember except that we were having a ball. We were all stoned, but I think it would have been fun anyway.

I’ve played it where the paper said a name of a famous personality. You had to ask the guests yes or no questions to figure out the person. And vice versa. Sometimes the paper will be stuck to your back instead of your forehead.

That sounds right.
Speaking of which, I need some coffee! :wink:
This thing works great.

They played it in Inglorious Basterds.

I really need to get that movie.

I always knew it as Celebrity Head or Celebrity Heads

Thislooks to be pretty much the rules I remember for a basic game.

“The Office” (US version) played a version of this game in a really early episode called ‘Diversity Day’, where they all had sticky notes of minorities on their foreheads. I remember this only because it lead to this:

Related: Indian Poker can be a lot of fun, depending on circumstances (long night, lots of earlier betting, punchyness, lots of alcohol…).

Everyone takes one card, then simultaneously sticks it on their forehead (hence the “indian” name. Don’t know if there’s a politically correct version). Betting ensues. High (or low) card wins.

Blind Man’s Bluff

That’s it. I think we had the game in Hallucinex’s first link. The picture on the box looks familiar.
I need to watch more tv.

In my life it’s always been known as the Rizla Game.

That’s quite a tie-in there, jjimm. Partly explains the hilarity when we played. :stuck_out_tongue:
My favorite papers back in the day. Do dopers (the other kind) still “spin one”?

I’m not sure of the name, but it works great in ESL/TEFL classrooms.

Next time you Dopers meet IRL you should play a version of this game but where the username of a Doper is written on the paper.