Anyone playing Papers Please?

I just got it. It is unlike any game I’ve ever played. If you are unfamiliar, you play the document inspector at a border checkpoint of a fictional Eastern European country circa 1980. To describe it makes it sound boring but it isn’t.

It took me a bit to get the hand of it, in fact I had to start over because I did so poorly my entire family got ill and died (oops) but my second attempt has been better. Just wondering what others think of it.

I really enjoyed this game. I too had to start over quickly because I hadn’t figured out I had to allocate my wages to the upkeep of my family, but the second time around I did much better.

I mulled over this purchase for several weeks because it sounded quite dull, but it ended up being pretty challenging and much more fun than I’d expected.

Tip: [spoiler]If you want to get to the end, don’t do any of the EZIC tasks.

And if you want to unlock Endless Mode without having to get all the way to the 32nd day: the code is 62131.[/spoiler]

I liked it a lot. It’s like going to a stressful, monotonous job but there are a lot of ethical questions that come up. Because of the changing document requirements and the stakes of providing for your family, it’s tense and even kind of exciting.

It helps to be a little obsessive-compulsive because you’re performing little logic checks. In that sense, it’s a unique puzzle game with a morality component. I think I got more proficient the longer I played.

I always cringed when I heard the printer. That meant that I missed something in someone’s document and I wanted to be a “good” employee (for subjective definitions of “good”).

I liked it, but I felt the timer was too quick. I know there has to be some time pressure, but it was too much.