what's this suffix: .sitx ?

I’ve got a file on my desktop: Windows Media.sitx. I’ve got no idea where it came from, or what application it’s for.

Anyone know what the .sitx suffix if for?

Stuffit, which is a compression program like WinZip. I’m guessing that your mystery file is either an update installer or a compressed media file.

(For future reference, Googling the mystery extension along with “file format” usually provides enlightenment.)

According to FILExt.com, it’s an archive file format for StuffIt, a file and disk compression utility.

Stuffit is a program from the Mac world. Its file extensions .sit and .sitx (among others) are common among files and programs from versions of Mac OS previous to X. Current OS X archives are usually supplied as “disk image” files (.dmg) or package files (.pkg), but you still see the occaisional .sit file, usually on files that will work both on OS 9 or before and on OS X.