Whats this weird roach?

I catch one of these buggers every few years, obviously when they are near death. This one was in the kitchen sink.

Larger than a regular um roach? It has tan coloring on its body and wings, but a square of black near the thorax.

Also every so often find a wingless type that is even larger and fatter than the one above, looks like the michelan man on its abdomen with light brown/red coloring.

Hard to guess without a pic.

Could it be some kind of beetle instead of a roach? There are all kinds of beetles.

Western Wood Cochroach is of a lighter colour than most. Females wingless.

If anybody wants to try figuring it out, it’s probably useful to note that the OP lives in Trinidad & Tobago.

Maybe some local variant of the American cockroach/palmetto bug? The color patterns do vary a bit - with insects there can be hundreds of closely related species or varieties of the same general type.

These big tropical roaches are not usually household pests, but congregate outside in palm trees (I am in far south Texas where they are everywhere outside). They are huge and clumsy fliers. There are few things less pleasant than getting thumped in the forehead by one trying to find its way around.

Usually, if they are inside, they are dead or dying. The sink is a common site as they are probably thirsty.

The wingless ones are immature nymphs, with voracious appetites.