What's this wierd skin blemish called?

I thought it might be a blood blister, but I looked it up on wiki, and it looked very different.

Basically, it looks like a tiny drop of blood on her skin (the throat, to be precise :eek:) - but the blood seems to be surrounded by an extremely thin layer of skin in the shape of a tiny ball, attached only at one point, like a little Christmas Tree ball on a very short thread.

I don’t think it’s the plague or anything, but what is it?

Skin tag formed of a petechia?

Not a clue, please DO go see a doctor.

I’m sure a doctor can tell you what it’s called. If you’re having bleeding issues (blood-filled sacs on your skin count), that could be something very serious.

I’ve had skin tags that were red and painful to the touch. I would vote skin tag as well.

And see a doctor.

Cherry angioma?

No, thank you, I’ll just have a coffee. :wink:
Actually that was going to be my suggestion, but they are generally more like raised red bumps, not bobbles attached by a narrow neck.

Ooh! Great time to share a wonderful link I found.

I don’t have any diagnosis for you, but if you have a hunch, you can always confirm it with this massive set of photos (warning: some pictures are very graphic).

Yeah, skin tag is it. A teeny tiny one. I’ve had these things before myself, but it’s hard to get info on something when you just don’t know what it’s called!

Uh, Taenia. that link is … disturbingly comprehensive! :eek: And yet strangely compelling.

Honestly, I’d feel wierd actually going to a doctor about a millimetre-wide flap of skin (it’s my 4yo who’s the host of the blemish in question) but as it happens she is due for some immunizations so maybe I should get my butt in gear and take her in for them…

Thanks, Dopers

anybody else get sucked in and spend an hour looking at pictures?

Fascinating how much can go wrong with the outside layer :eek: