What's "TMI"? What's "personality bleed"?

In closing what is probably the most pity-inducing thread I have ever read here (which you’ll have to find by yourself if you feel the need), tomndebb as moderator asked the poster:

I’m 0 for 2. Anyone care to explain these to me?

Duh. TMI must be “too much info”. Okay, I’m slow. What about the bleeding thing?

Never heard the expression before. Here’s what Googling comes up with.



As noted, TMI is “Too Much Information” and is a pretty frequent warning tacked onto the titles of threads in MPSIMS and IMHO (and even GQ on occasion.

Personality bleed was a term that I have encountered on several occasions in business situations that was used to describe an employee who let his or her personality seep (or “bleed”) into every discussion about a work topic. I had thought it was a fairly common expression, (based on the frequency that I heard it used), but it has rather few hits on Google™, all as parts of declarative sentences, so perhaps it was simply an expression that was passed around a few companies on the East side of Metro Cleveland.
Generally, when an employee made so many references in work situations to their home life, their religious beliefs, their politics, previous inter- or intra-departmental feuds, etc, that everyone could predict how a discussion about a project or a plan was going to go based on which personal anecdote they hauled out, we regarded that as “personality bleed.”

Never mind.

There is absolutely no reason for you as a private citizen to use a TM symbol on Google or anything else. It is the company’s obligation to enforce their trademark, not yours.

If the Powers That Be have asked the staff to use the trademark symbol because of the Google ads, they’re not just being overcautious, they’re imposing a ridiculous interpretation of the law.

Got it, with thanks.

Ah, I remember visiting Cleveland from the awful hell-hole of Elyria where I spent over a year writing and debugging storage system software at – of all places – Rigid Tool. I thought the airport billboard of Mayor Kucinich looked great with a Hitler mustache…

Given the thread, it should really be: Google[sup]TMI[/sup]. :smiley:
Actually, I’ve a soft spot for the TMI alternative “OVERSHARE!!!”

My favourite is “I’m tryna eat here!”

For a long time, I thought TMI meant This Might Induce (Vomiting), since everyone on this board used it as a warning for discussions about snot, defecation, surgery gone wrong, excessive ear wax, chunks (both blown and menstruated), pyorrhea, etc.

A name you don’t want to Google[sup]TM[/sup].

I just realized that Google ™ has to be the #1 trademark that has become generic in the 21st Century. They can’t demand that everyone use a captain “G” and “TM” sign when they write “google it.”

FWIW* I’ve never before encountered the term “personality bleed,” but I can see its usefulness.

(*FWIW = “for what it’s worth,” lest I introduce another unexplained acronym)

Ha! I always feel better when I realise that I am not the only one who didn’t understand a term. I suppose I can see the usefulness of Tomndebb’s “personality bleed” thing, esp. in a business situation, as it must sound SO much better than"oh shit, not this boring irrelevant private stuff again". :slight_smile:
Ignorance fought.

No kidding. I immediately thought of about six people (here and IRL) to whom that term applies.

“Personality bleed” was new to me, but self-explanatory; will go in the card file.

Back in the days of DOS, we used to call it a “sharing violation.”

One more for the “never heard of personality bleed again but found it self-explanatory” camp. I think a related and more common expression is “wearing your heart on your sleeve”

Apparently a banning offense.

I’m still confused. Is personality bleed good or bad? Or is it situational?