What's up with Barrow Alaska

Every time the weather map on CNN is shown for Alaska and Hawaii, why in heck to they give the weather for Barrow. It is the most northernmost city in America and I had a client go there once and she said it was full of drunks and more drunks working either for the military or on oil stuff.
Why do they show this on the map? It’s not like it’s a tourist mecca.

For fun?

Seriously! When your car is under three feet of snow and it’s still coming down, would it be nice to know that it’s even colder somewhere else?

I think you answered your own questions–it’s the northernmost American city. Weatherpeople like to show temperature extremes, like highs and lows. What better way than showing Barrow?

Because reporting the weather from Moose Factory doesn’t sound as highbrow.

Yah, but frequently during the winter months, Barrow is warmer than it is here in Chicago. They like to torture us with this knowledge.

That reminds me of something Cecil said when someone asked him if Inuit people have nine words for snow.

“I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way…”
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I forgot to add that there is a big Air Force weather station at Barrow. This would be another good reason for citing this remote site–lots of data available.

Edward_J_Cunningham:That reminds me of something Cecil said when someone asked him if Inuit people have nine words for snow.

Didn’t Cecil try to translate “Look at all this f–king snow!”, and it came out “Observe the snow; it fornicates.” :slight_smile:

According to Dave Letterman, the government controls the weather. Barrow…weather maps…It’s all a government plot.

Find yourself in Barrow? Stop by Pepe’s Slightly North of the Border Mexican Restaurant.
The only Mexican restaurant that includes blubber as an entre. MMM-mmm.
At least, if it’s still there (the restaurant, I’m sure the blubber is still around).

I don’t buy the statement that weather-persons like to show extremes of hot and cold. If this were true, then every weather report would include the temperature in Death Valley or some other forsaken spot in the American desert-scape.

The Dave-Guy
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Ah, lovely Moose Factory, Ontario… although there is no record of any moose having been processed there.