What's up with Canadians and DECAPITATION?

I mean, first we have some guy’s head hacked off on a bus, now an assassination by decapitation?
You guys need to get some MODERN methods of whacking people!:smack:

Well, you know how it is when a fad gets started. I’ve been thinking of giving it a try myself.

Great. We’re finally going to get a worldwide reputation - as decapitators. I guess it’s like nicknames; you can’t pick your own.

I hear you. In Prague it was all about throwing people out of a window for a couple of centuries.

(Yes, I know it’s called defenestration, potential weisenheimers!)

Nah. We’re holding on to our French culture.

When we kill someone, we don’t fuck around with that panty-waisted stabby-stabby nonsense.

Is anyone else getting an ad “Lose 15 pounds with Acai Berry?” in the middle of the linked article?

It occurs to me that a human head probably weighs about 15 pounds.

Dude, they play hockey up there.

And curling.

(Translation: throwing big rocks.)

I’m starting to worry about what will happen if I miss a shot during the next curling season. There are a lot of transplanted Canadians at the Club.

Well, I don’t think it’s anything worth losing your head over…

Freddy, I wouldn’t worry… it’s a lot harder to decapitate someone with a curling broom than it is with a hockey stick (not that the latter is all that suited to the job either, but never underestimate a really determined hockey player).

So, uhm, when a Canadian says, “I’d like a little head” I should hide the knives, and **not **get on my knees, right?

No, no, you needn’t be hasty in jumping to conclusions…

Two people is really not significant.

It’s the election. I blame everything on the election.

Four if you count each body part. Really, three, since one was only a plan.

You just need to repackage it: it was just avant-garde bungee jumping! (A few centuries before the invention of the bungee cord.) No one died, after all. So it was perfectly safe.

You just need a lot of fertilizer around.

Ooh, you could repackage hanging the same way. Poor choice of knot, and not enough give in the cord, but still…

Well, the mortality rate for hanging is quite different from the true Defenestration in Prague. I think that detail does matter. Though I hadn’t heard of the First Defenestration… so the actual survival rate is no longer 100%. :frowning: