What's up with hating Ben Affleck?

Over the past few years, both in the SDMB and out in the world, there seems to be an unprecedented amount of vitriol directed towards Ben Affleck. Now, I’ve always enjoyed his work. He may be no Sean Penn, but his work in Good Will Hunting, Shakespeare in Love, and Dogma is, IMO, brilliant. I can only think of two reasons for such vitriol:

  1. J-Lo
  2. Gigli
  3. Hack her to death with a kitchen knife

To me, not enough to justify the hatred.

Did I miss something? Did he dare to say that the Iraq war was wrong? Did he say he was bigger than Jesus? Was he caught with his pants down in a movie theatre? What Gives?

We’ll know when **nonpolar ** becomes a mod.

By the way . . . I liked “Hi, Opal!” a lot more than the current craze. . .

I have a few reasons. None of them are entirely rational, but I will give it a go anyway. Hopefully, it will explain something.

[li]Tabloid fatigue – this is related to the J-Lo debacle. He was EVERYWHERE for a long time, and I personally got sick of seeing him.[/li][li]J-Lo – mostly, because she is a Yankees fan. It is virtually UNFORGIVEABLE for a Red Sox fan to date a Yankees fan.[/li][li]Stupidity – maybe he isn’t ACTUALLY stupid, but he seems to come off that way to me sometimes. I can’t explain why.[/li][/ol]
I also don’t think he can act, or make incredibly smart choices about his career. I thought “Good Will Hunting” was a great movie, but I sort of credit that more to Matt Damon (and also to Gus Van Sant and Robin Williams) than to Ben. And it irks me to no end that Ben has an Oscar. No idea why, it just does.

I’ll go with #1. J-Lo

Why a guy on the actor A-list would hook up with a hip-hop bimbo who feels she must marry every guy she ever dates just left a lot of people scratching their heads. It seems it was at this point that he started making bum films like Gigli, Daredevil, Paycheck, etc. You could almost see it it Matt Damon’s face whenever he got asked about the Bennifer thing. Kind of like “I have no idea what Bens doing with her but, hey, whatever, not my deal.”
The smartest career move he has made is breaking it off with her. Seriously, was she so in love that she got married to some other guy less than a year later?
I like the guy too and think he needs some better roles.

I hate him like sin, too.

I don’t have a rational reason either. he comes off as stupid to me, and arrogant, and my SO’s name is Ben, so we get really upset and call him “Ben Affliction”.

We won’t watch any movies with him.

My loathing of Affleck has to do with his bristly, obnoxious, self-righteous, arrogant tone when discussing politics. Be a liberal, be a conservative, be a martianist for all I care, just be decent and have some humility about it, especially when you’re going to use your position as a dubiously famous person to try to tell me how I should vote.

Affleck fails, in a most spectacular fashion, at that. For that, plus the crime of making really crappy movies (Daredevil, Gigli, Jersey Girl, Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, Changing Lanes) he’s persona non grata in my book.

I don’t hate the guy but, then again, I’m pretty indifferent toward most celebrities. That being said, the reason Affleck has such antipathy directed toward him can be summed up in one word: overexposure. People got sick of seeing his face on the tabloids all the time, on TV infotainment shows like “E.T.” every day, and in a new movie every month.

I hate him because he is better looking and has more money than me.

I’m just kidding. I don’t rally hate him.

Look at the tear he’s been on lately:

Jersey Girl
Pearl Harbor
Reindeer Games
Forces of Nature

And that’s just leaving out his minor roles/truly forgettable films. No one would want these films on their IMDB listing. Furthermore, he actually made those films even worse! That’s a pretty neat trick.

He turned into a major league jerk doing really awful films. Girlfriends from hell are just a side effect of such elite jerk-hood.

I like him. He’s not Matt Damon by any means, but he’s a perfectly passable movie star and pretty inoffensive in my book.

Then again, I don’t really get worked into a lather over celebrities for the most part. What’s the point?

Ben spent the last seven years riding Matt Damon’s coattails. His Good Will Hunting pass should have been expired long ago.

Matt at least tried as hell of a lot of different things, some wonderfully successful, others eh. Ben, meanwhile, is all eh.

He better redeem himself over the poker table.

As others have said I think a lot of it is that (assuming for a minute he and Damon are roughly equal in talent) while Matt Damon has done small, edgey, independent, but mostly high-quality films and is only now reaping the benefits having created both a critical and commercial hit franchise with the Bourne films, Affleck is viewed as a complete and total sell-out who’s squandered both his credibility and his talent by immediately taking the low road to the big paychecks.

He is (or was) in the +10 million dollar club and he got there by being a superhero (Daredevil), a war hero (Pearl Harbor), an action hero (Reindeer Games), a super spy (Sum of All Fears), an action-slash-astronaut-slash-hero (Armageddon) a sensitive leading man (Bounce), a romantic comedy leading man (Gigli) and they all, pretty much, sucked.

Plus dating that obnoxious, pretentious, over-rated bitch really didn’t help…

All the anwers given so far are mere wisps of rhetorical vapor. The real reason he makes people uncomfortable is his huge head. If’s a giant meat brick that scares people.

He is hated because of his scene stealing antics in Voyage of the Mimi!


He was hated before J. Lo. I think it’s when he decided to take the action star/hollywood hunk route over the serious actor route. Think Pearl Harbor, Armageddon, Reindeer Games. There were also the stories about him being a drunk asshole in Vegas. I’ve met the guy and can attest to one thing: He’s definitely not an idiot. Far from it.

I don’t mind him, but I’m a Kevin Smith fan and most of the movies I’ve seen him in are Smith movies, which I gather are some of his better work. I did see Daredevil, which was stunning in its suckitude, but there was so much to hate there that I didn’t really focus on Affleck.

He was the bomb in “Phantoms” yo!

My wife hates him, and I can’t understand why. Sure, he has been in some crapfests, but I don’t find his persona offensive. He has at least three things going for him that I can see.

  1. He plays poker and takes it seriously
  2. He is a Red Sox fan
  3. He is self deprecating (I actually quite liked his guest hosting appearance on SNL)

I don’t love him, but I don’t understand the vitriol either.

I second all the comments involving “overexposure” and “string of bad films”.

My boss hates Ben Affleck and when I asked him why he said that he was arrogant. I find that so strange since I always think of him as extremely humble and constantly being humbled even more. Then again I’ve never seen any interviews with him or any of his hero movies. I have seen his Kevin Smith movies plus Gigli and Forces of Nature.

Then again I like Jennifer Lopez too. I’ve never seen or read an interview with her either so I have no idea what she could be like either. I actually didn’t hate Gigli at all. It was a bit boring but I thought it had some good parts.

I think the reason I like Ben is that in Chasing Amy and Gigli he got humiliated and emasuclated and played it in a way that was somehow extremely fetching to me. It’s very squirmy. I think he should only do movies where he falls in love with lesbians and they lead him on and eventually dump him so that he is emotionally destoryed and crys like the cute little baby we all knew he was.