What's up with lefties and the excessive bumper sticker meme?

You know, I just went back to the first link I posted. One thing on the car says this: WORK SO THAT YOU CAN SHARE WITH THOSE IN NEED. I wonder how that person feels about UHC?

Around here it’s definitely the lefties that win in the bumper sticker contest.

Although I pointed out deCARations by religious nuts, I have to agree that around here most of the cars that have an inordinate number of bumper stickers appear to have leftie drivers.

I’ve never seen a far right montage but I’ve seen many far left versions as described by the op. Not sure why.

Cross the river to Uptown, Loring Park, Stevens Court, other parts of South Minneapolis, you will see lots 'n lots of multiple leftie bumper stickers on cars…

Right-wing truck.

And another


First one is pretty moderate… It’s more than average but the truck isn’t exactly plastered with 'em. Now this one? I kind of want al-Qaeda to find him. That would be interesting.

Certifiable right-wing wacko nutjob, and racist to boot. Well done sir!

Note the handicap plates. I didn’t know Kentucky issued them for mental retardation as well.

Yeah but compare the sheer number of bumper stickers on those trucks to the car linked in the OP and the link provided by elmwood.
You can still see what color paint the factory put on the trucks.
My vote for the most over the top is the far left wackos and the Jesus saves types.

There’s a guy who plastered his van with anti-vax stickers and used mailbox decals to blame vaccinations for someone’s autism. (I’m guessing that person is his son or grandson.) I have to roll my eyes every time I see it. I mean, it’s one thing to have a magnet or sticker to raise awareness of autism, it’s another to make a political statement.

I’ve personally noticed a lot of the far right wing bumper stickers… but perhaps I notice those more because I’m not offended by the occasional left-wing covered car (I lean left, but I’m not one of the psycho-cover my car types).

I live near this guy, and have seen the truck about 5 times. I even parked behind him once (sadly, no one was in the truck at the time.)

I haven’t seen the truck in about 2 years, though. Maybe he had a change of heart. :rolleyes:

I’ve recently lived in a very left-wing area (Vermont) and a very right-wing one (FL panhandle), and in both places bumper sticker saturation was definately more a feature of hippie granola types then whatever the rightwing equivalent is. I think its the fact that hippie types tend to a) put a lot of value on individualizing their possessions and self-expression, and b) tend to drive their vehicles into the ground and so need to do something so that their cars look less depressing.

To prove my bipartisan credentials, the equivalent trend on the right I’ve noticed is rightwing wannabe rednecks in the panhandle that: a)have spotless, high performance pickup trucks with lifts, b) don’t use these spotless, high performance trucks for anything they couldn’t be done with a Honda Civic or similarly sensible car (basically, they commute to work every day) and c) are responsible for a hugely disproportionate amount of the crappy driving I see driving around the panhandle and central FL every day.

There is some idiot in Burke/Springfield VA running around with “You Lie!” bumper stickers all over his car. I’m pretty sure that even the Republicans are not happy about that one.

The only ones I see around here are religious . . . and vanity plates too.

That first one doesn’t look safe. I’m surprised there aren’t laws against that. Depending on how those thingamabobs on the top are attached, an accident with that car could turn into lethal religious shrapnel city.

“If you can read this, thank a teacher…and since it is in English, thank a soldier.”


I don’t recall any other foreign country threatening to invade us and force us to speak their language (even in Red Dawn the propaganda was in English). The last country that invaded the US also spoke English, didn’t they?

I live in Orlando, which is almost perfectly split between liberals and conservatives. The right definitely has more total bumper sticker acreage, but the really over-stickered cars are almost always lefted.

I generally agree with this. I grew up in Berkeley, California, where there were no right-wingers, or even Jesus nuts. There was a 100% chance that if the car had a lot of bumper stickers, it was hippie owned and operated.

I’m willing to bet that this has colored my view of who drives bumper-sticker laden cars, but the liberal ones seem so much more prevalent to me.

Well, I guess there’s a couple Aleutian Islands that’d be speaking Japanese now if we’d lost WWII.