What's up with Mark E. Smith's face?

Mark E. Smith of The Fall. Brilliant musician, weird lookin’ dude.

I mean, he was actually quite attractive back in the day, but there’s still something about his face that seems ‘off’. I guess my question is, does he have a congenital defect or is he just on the weird side of the human face spectrum?

I’m not seeing it. His face is unique in the same way that most people’s faces are unique.

I think he’s just on the unique face side, but I wouldn’t consider it weird.

“Kinda funny lookin’.”

true, the years have not been kind to him.

or he might have acromegaly.

Carlsberg special brew, for breakfast, for 40 years.

He was pretty sharp looking in his younger days, alright. He is not appreciated.

His eyes are wide-set (a distinctly feminine trait) and kind of angled a bit, down at the outside corners, and rather asymmetrical (always funny-looking) with each other. He also has a heart-shaped face with a delicate, diminutive jawline, although his chin is masculine enough. So his eyes dominate his face in a pixie-ish way that in itself (without the odd tilt and asymmetricality, that is) would be quite attractive in a gamine like, say, the young Audrey Hepburn.

MES’s eyes remind me of those of U.S. hockey legend Mark Johnson, although their faces are very different otherwise.

Amphetamine Sulphate

Totally Wired

L… A


fit and working again

Bremen Nacht


Whenever I hear/read his name I always actually think of this.

It’s just that his excessively drooping upper and lower eyelids really drag the sides of his eyes down. His eyeballs seem to be in the right position.

He got old, is all. See Richards, Keef
Also, companionship keeps one young, I find, and his friends, well, they ain’t enough for one hand.

Never heard that before. :smiley: