What's up with my clock?

The clock on my computer had a habit of losing one hour for no apparent reason. Finally I decided to set it ahead one hour. Sure enough, after a while I noticed it was showing the correct time. Then after another while it was an hour slow. I just looked at it this morning, and it’s showing the correct time.


Possible the battery is worn down? (There is a separate battery that runs the clock, I am told.)

Hmmm. OK, the usual: what’s your OS? In addition to Dex’s suggestion, that is.

Dex is probably right on.

However, if your clock is losing exactly one hour, check to make sure that your computer is set to the right time zone.

Some PCs will reset to the network clock (if you are on a network).
Use this utility below. It’s freeware and it’s the bomb!


I’m so glad you included that ‘l’
(well someone had to say it)

A lady at worked once complained that her PC would always be a day behind in the mornings, so she would set it to the correct day, and then later in the afternoon, it would suddenly be a day ahead. So she would again set it to the correct day, only to have it be a day behind the next morning.

She caught a lot of grief about that.