What's up with the coral castle?

Years ago, I saw a show which featured a home in Florida made of huge coral monoliths known as the “Coral Castle”. It was built by Edward Leedskalnin between 1920 and 1940 who was supposed to have worked on it alone and only at night. Has it ever been determined how he built it?


Here you are.

Really a kinda fascinating individual/story.

How did he move the blocks?

Well, at one point he moved the castle from one property to another using the truck, but he built the thing by himself, at night, working in secret.



Look at the left and middle pictures on the bottom row.

So let me get this straight. Ed is an extremely private man. He builds this structure largely by night so that nobody will see him do it. The castle “has numerous lookouts along the Castle walls that were designed to help protect his privacy,” according to the linked story. And he made a living by giving tours of his home? Something sound fishy there?

And did anyone else catch where the article said, “The coral Walls approximately weigh 125 pounds per cubic foot. Each section of wall is 8 feet tall, 4 feet wide, 3 foot thick, and weighs more than 58 tons!” If each section is 8’ x 4’ x 3’, that’s 96 cubic feet. At 125 lbs/cubic foot, the weight would be 6 tons, not 58.

I also liked the part that said, “The coral that he worked on was sometimes 4,000 feet thick.” Wow. A single piece of coral 3/4 of a mile thick! I’d like to see that.

I guess what I want to know was if anything he did was so difficult that we don’t know how a man working alone could have done it.

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Anyone know what happened to Agnes?

I understand, Rob. What I was pointing out is that the article seems riddled with inconsistencies, and I’m not sure we can believe anything in it. They offer no proof that he worked alone or that he didn’t use power tools, winches, and backhoes.

One person, at least, claims to have figured out how Ed did it.

Well, I calculated that if you had a tackle block that gave you an advantage of 120:1, you’d only need to be able to hoist up 100lb to move a six ton stone. Doing that for 20 years will put hair on your chest, but it’s not impossible. Did he really do anything that we can’t figure out how it was done?