What's up with the Hamsters in MPSIMS?

For the past week, now, every time I try going to the MPSIMS list of active threads, I get sent to try to open a Microsoft Picture It! file. I’ve even let the Evil that is Microsoft try opening it, and all it does is freeze up.


I want my daily dose of MPSIMS. Dammit!

Curse you, Hamsters!!!
P.S. If anyone has a suggestion on how to avoid/correct this problem I’m eager to hear it.

It’s been pretty common over the past couple weeks and there’ve been about three or four threads about it in ATMB if I’m remembering right.

Are you using Firefox? Switching to IE seems to help some people. If you don’t want to do that, clearing your cache might help too.

Actually, I’m using AOL’s browser* (Which is supposed to be IE in the Emporer’s New Clothes, AIUI.). I’ll try the IE thing… and see what happens.

  • Yes, I’m a lazy slug and should learn Linux so I can have a real OS on my machine.

AOL? You’re getting what you deserve then.

(Says the NetZero subscriber)

You’re all heart, aren’t you? :wink: