What's up with the movie spam on Facebook comments?

Just about every news story on Facebook gets spammed immediate with ‘links’ to unreleased summer movies. What’s the scam behind this?

I’ve never seen this. Can you link to an example?


You want him to link to spam? Here?

It’s not a scam. Facebook is paid to display those ads. What’s scamworthy about it?

Looks like I found the answer with a second Google search, this article appeared below quite a few older ones . http://www.buzzfeed.com/josephbernstein/the-facebook-comment-scam-that-community-moderators-cant-sto#.ql1LXEN6J

A media company could put a story on Facebook about a new baby gorilla being born at the local zoo and it’s usually within a minute that the movie spam, Donald Trump spam, or Bernie Sanders spam will immediately flood the comments section.