Facebook spammer?

So I just got a Facebook message from someone I haven’t talked to in a while. It started off with “hey, how’ve you been,” then when I responded he posted this:

I said “huh?” and then he posted

I’ve seen those videos that spam themselves on your page if you click on them, but I’ve never seen inbox spam like this (though I don’t know why they wouldn’t be able to do that just as easily). Should I notify this guy that his page is spamming me? Report it to Facebook? (and how?)

This guy isn’t the type to actually send something like this on purpose, and probably is the type to be unfamiliar with facebook scams.

I don’t think he’s a spammer, he probably really won $50,950.00 Real Cash and just wants to tell everybody on his friend’s list.

Seriously though, do you even have to ask?

Yeppers ,its yet another FB spam and scam. Your friend probably doesn`t even know his account has been compromised and sending the same message to everyone on their friend list. Just delete the message and let your friend know he should check his browser for rogue extensions.

Bob, I know it isn’t a real message. I just wondered what I should do about it. I did post on his wall that I had received a spam message. I wasn’t sure about sending him an IM since he doesn’t seem to be noticing this exchange between “us.” Also didn’t see a way to report it to facebook.

To report the spam :

Open the message you`d like to report

Click *** Actions** at top right hand corner of message

Click Report Scam or Abuse

Thanks y’all.