What's up with the Well?

Is it really as influential as it is made out to be? I’ve been aware of its existence for a while now, but upon a renewed interest I come to find out that is supposedly on of the greatest things to come from the internet (with the exception of this website). Just wondering what all the buzz is about…

Perhaps a link to what this thing is would help? I am unaware of its purpose, and have heard no buzz.

The Well is there. Perhaps it just some sort of isolated thing I’ve run across. Apparently, though, there have been entire books published on the subject and its users.

The thing that makes the Well unusual is that it was one of the first internet communities. It was founded in 1985, before the World Wide Web, and before most people had personal computers. It was at the forefront of the internet revolution, which is why it inspired books and study. Now that anyone can set up an internet message board and start a community, the Well has lost its uniqueness, but it is still of great historical interest.

I remember reading about the Well long before I had ever been online.

Here’s a story from 1999 about Salon buying them. Wow! $10-15/month to belong. Would dopers pay that much?

I think the Well was extremely influential historically, but I haven’t heard anything about it since around 1996. It was a major player back before the WWW really took off.

Some of my pals with @well addresses are quietly proud. Everything I read about the well makes me barf. However, the people I know who belong are all lovely. Make of that what you will. Or what you well.

The Well really hasn’t been the same since the first time Nathan Brazil rebooted it.