What's up with this 'stock' image that came bundled with my printer?

Well that part of her is blurred. Since her ears and hair are in sharp focus and that part seems to be really close to the same distance from the lens, I think that part was blurred later. So a little shadow may have been added or reduced later as well.

I fixed her.

Pheeew, I feel much better now. :slight_smile:

Actually, hard core porn is all around us, if we just learn to look at our world with the eyes of a very disturbed adult. For example, here is such an image.. Check out the crotchal area on the green gal. They say it’s a badly drawn thong, but I know what i’m looking at – I saw one in 1987.

Oddly enough, the image is completely work-safe.

I can see her ass.

What? You can’t?

That’s a start. Now do something about her smile.

The sample pic, although I don’t myself see any reason for fuss, is a slightly odd choice, given that there are some very easily offended groups in society. I’d have a though a prettyvillage scene or bundle of cut puppies would be the kind of thing safest in terms of not getting any customers all upset.

I don’t know what you guys are seeing, but it’s pretty clear to me she is nippin’.


Wow, I’ve nevr busted out laughing while on the phone at work until this post.

Well, NO NO and thrice NO, that probably would upset people. :eek:

Cute puppies might be all right, though, and it might be sleep-time for Celyn. :frowning:

Unintentioally sexual comic book covers.
Seems to fit the the theme.

I love these.

How 'bout these:Perverted Moments in Video Games. Some aren’t that great, just someone stretching their imagination too far… but I’m fond of the first one, the “Super Macho Man”, and that last one just kind of blows my mind a bit. (Probably NSFW).

You put in the wrong link.

Crap. :smack:

This one should work.

Okay, just bend your knees and stand a little closer…

Great link Biggirl

Hee! The cowboy with the small boy is my favorite, mostly because of the quotes in the title. Oh, yeah. He’s a “Rifleman” alright. I guess Jimmy there is helping him clean his barrel, right?

If that’s supposed to be an entire breast, the nipple would be in the middle of her chest. It’s an optical illusion.

I thought the nipple/shadow was actually part of a necklace. Am I the only one who thought that?

Gotta vote for “what nipple?” here. I think the photo was just an attempt to show the kind of amateur home photos that some folks might take.

I stared with all my might, but all I saw was the Badge Man and a 3-D Windmill.

Then my right eyeball popped out. :smiley:

(“And dis smudge that looks like my fingerprint? That’s TRAUMA!”)