Unfortunately explicit Ebay photography

Very, very unfortunate digital home photography accident

After a crotch shot like that, you think the seller is going to meet you in the flesh as well?!

Is that the same guy that was selling a Kettle (or some other shiny appliance) where the same thing happened? If so he’s a voyeur who gets off on doing this and did it on purpose.

Hee hee, I just got sent that too. How long till eBay get wise and remove it?


I agree, that had to have been done on purpose. No way could you overlook that!

Not entirely work-unsafe, but it’s certainly more risque than is normally allowed to be linked to in these parts. Prepare to be admonished.

It’s pretty dim and grainy. You really have to look :wink:

Well, of course the guy is posing like that. His clothes are behind the TV.

I second that.:eek:
And third that.:eek:
And fourth that.:eek:

Strictly speaking exhibitionist rather than voyeur.

Of course, if you’re an exhibitionist and a voyeur, you can have hours of fun just with a mirror.

I’m going to let this one go due to the poor quality of the photo, istara.

Don’t do this again without clearing it with a moderator.

Cajun Man - SDMB Moderator

I wonder if this isn’t some attempt to use Ebay as a covert method of hooking up for some anonymous sex? The TV is just a red herring.

Did you look at his counter? 26994 hits. Must be a record for a tv.

Everyone is busy sending it to their friends. I sent it to three people. How many did you send it to?

I see a crack in the screen.

Let’s see what Snopes has to say about this…

Duke… its a completely different photo. (Although I’m assuming a very similar situation.)

Cajun - sure, thanks. Had it been less grainy/shadowy, I wouldn’t have linked to it. The fact that it does look like a mistake (is it though?) is what make it so funny, IMO.

I liked the “Thanks for looking!” under the larger photo. Um, yeah, any time.