Unfortunately explicit Ebay photography

I don’t think it’s the kettle guy; that was on an Australian auction site I believe, whereas this TV is being offered on eBay UK. Possibly this seller has heard all about the kettle incident, and decided to recreate the scenario himself for a giggle.

There was one awhile back, where a woman selling clothes on ebay had captured her nude husband’s reflection in a mirror.

“Everyone is busy sending it to their friends. I sent it to three people. How many did you send it to?”

Oh one, but I put it on the newsgroup for ebay marketing…the comments were just hysterical:

seems to be very small…”

"> Hmmm…
> seems to be very small…

Looks like 28" to me.

Yes…my friend from the Snopes board sez they’ve been talking about this one. They think it’s the same guy.

On the plus side we now know that a TV screen reflection is much more flattering than a tea kettle reflection.

Who says we aren’t fighting ignorance around here ?

Maybe he lives in a nudist colony?


I can’t see a darn thing. Maybe it’s like the “canals” on Mars: you can see them if someone points them out to you, then you say, “Oh, yeah!”

Here’s the kettle guy, I had saved it and out it on my website.

It’s much less grainy than the OP’s link, so I wouldn’t open it at work.


(Ah, this is also the pic in Duke’s Snopes link.)

Gosh you guys have extremely good eyesight, I can’t actually see any details on the TV thing, just the blurry shape and the fact that it looks like he has no pants on.

I still can’t help feeling he deserves the benefit of the doubt, and it might be a mistake. (I mean he could have made it a lot more obvious if he was a real flasher, couldn’t he?)

Or if he’d had a better flash!

(I can’t believe I just typed that. :smiley: )

The Snopes link has both the kettle and the TV pictures now.

“Gosh you guys have extremely good eyesight, I can’t actually see any details on the TV thing”

If you could see detail, they couldn’t post such a link on the board.

Me thinks he misunderstood what the “HD” in HDTV means. He better stick with a GameBoy.