Best. Ebay. Seller. Ever.

I leave the jokes up to you

Probably work-safe, as it shows bikinis only. You may have to scroll down a bit.

Note that this special feature can be used to sell everything from toy trains to Klingon figures.

Yeah esp have a look at this item:


Spock was never so lucky. . .

:: sets his “phaser” on “stun” ::

I wonder if the poker table comes with nips…I mean chips.

Y’know, one of her auctions is for a train landscape (mountains, tunnels) and it would be rather funny and psyscho-sexual if she had a weiner-mobile train entering a tunnel.

That would be excellent advertizing.

Are you SERIOUS?
I’ve had shoe auctions canceled before, because I showed a picture of the shoe on my foot. These were not “sexy” shoes, but the reason ebay gave was that the photos were inappropriate and suggestive. The pictures didn’t show my legs or anything, just the shoe, on a foot. That’s not acceptible, but this is? Weird.

Shoe/Foot fetishists were going GA-GA over your shoe auction pics perhaps? I don’t know but I have seen worn panty hose with a butt view in thong on eBay before and not under Mature Audiences. You could buy her hose and thong washed or worn (EW). It takes all kinds…

I find it hilarious that she can make a hole puncher look sexy.

I especially like the placement of this line…

Makes me wonder whether it’s the hole punch or Lisa … imagine getting a hole punch for Thanksgiving!

That’s why you might like that poker table. (poke her)

Did you look at the cigar photos?

They finally have an item you can really use a woman in a bikini and they DON’T USE HER FOR THAT!?!?!?!

What in the hell is wrong with her lips?

I uh… didn’t notice anything wrong.

LOL :smiley:

My vote would be for “what the hell is wrong with her face?”
But, erm, I’m sure that could be remedied with a paper bag over her head and some artistic skills… ::evil grin::