Strange stuff on ebay

Someone shared this with me today on another bored.

My reactions:
:confused: :dubious: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Then later on this was shared.


And I thought I was worldly and all having read way too many TMI threads on here.

Ebay is a wonderful reminder that even the crap we get through the mail goes through some sort of quality control:

(all from the OP’s links)

On a little searching (hey, I’m bored :stuck_out_tongue: )…that seller’s feedback leads to " ADULT BABY PAMPERS FORCED HUMILIATION & BABY WEAR", which perhaps makes more sense for the whole situation.

Seriously those are the strangest things I’ve ever seen being auctioned off. I don’t even go to eBay anymore – it’s gotten TOO big IMHO. Maybe I’m just too impatient but really. Or that grille cheese? Did anyone see that one on eBay? :dubious:


**Keapon ** reaches for his bottle!

Yeah, that William Daniels one totally blew.

It was better than the Anthony Daniels one, though.

shudder Whatever floats your boat, I guess…

Wait… wait wait… wait…

This is a CD for people to listen to, to hypnotize themselves INTO wetting the bed?

:::Phnord’s last shred of hope for humanity withers and dies:::

And there it goes.

Didn’t NCIS have an episode about this fetish recently?

You know, I always used to think of myself as a pretty kinky girl, open to many new things sexually, willing to try anything twice… but the more time I spend at eBay, the more I feel like I’m just plain old vanilla.

hangs up the whip and chains, changes out of dom outfit and puts on some sweatpants

le sigh. I used to frighten the world. Now the world frightens me.

I think that was CSI (Las Vegas). Unless it’s a trend and NCIS did it too–I don’t watch NCIS.

Could’ve been. I don’t watch CSI; but I think I did watch one show recently. Maybe that was it.