What's up with this Wiki page?

Why isn’t this Wiki page formatted normally?


How hard would it be to put it into the normal format?

I don’t understand. It looks much the same as pages on my watchlist.

Edited to add, perhaps a screenshot to show us what you’re seeing?

It looks like this to me, one long column, no wikipedia navigation bars, formatting, etc:

I have had pages load like that, but they are back in “normal” format when I reload the page. The OP page is staying like that.

Screenshot, which shows what Shmendrik describes.

Weird. I get the navigation bars and the other stuff.

I cropped to just show the page. Above that is just my menu bar and Safari navigation section.

Maybe the CSS style sheet failed to load.

(It looks normal to me.)

It’s back to normal now.

That was weird.

^same here.

I’d go with this. Happens to the odd site on occasion. Nothing really one could do about it except sacrifice another virgin to the gods of the Internet to appease them to make the CSS page load again.

It looks messed up to me in Firefox.

There are about 50 Javascript errors showing up in Error Console for me, with one of the end results being that the CSS is not being found/used. Hence the display issue.

Looks OK to me.

Me too

Still off for me (Pacific NW), I’m curious if it is a regional thing depending on the location of the database being accessed?

I just tried again and got the messed up version (whereas it was normal for me before).

A couple of reloads brought it back to normal though. - In fact I now find I can virtually alternate versions by reloading.

I still think it has to do with the style sheet failing to load, but I don’t understand why this is the only Wikipedia page that seems to be doing this.

I also just discovered that what seems to be the original version of the page was a redirect to the entry for Father Mulcahy. :confused::confused::confused:

The reason for the redirect is that in the novel and original film Dago Red was a nickname for Father Mulcahy.

IIRC, when Space.com forum was running Pluck, I would get misformatted pages all the time. As the months went past, more and more posters started seeing the problem. No one in Space.com IT ever said so, but I assumed I had the worst internet connection and so I saw the problem first, as the Space.com message board software deteriorated with numerous patches to correct other problems, the original problem worsened so that more and more posters saw the problem too. I had to photograph my monitor and post the photos to show what I was getting, for some odd reason, screen saves would fix the format problem, and it looked like I was making up problems as the screen saves were fine.


It is the CSS. In IE it loads fine for me, but in K-Meleon (which is Mozilla based like Firefox is) the CSS fails to load.

Basically IE is able to compensate for the scripting error while Mozilla based browsers don’t compensate for it.