What's up with thread starters seeking input on various topics in GQ or IMHO, that go A-WOL?

I have seen numerous threads started by posters in what appears to be genuine requests for advice or answers to a particular question…and then they don’t return to the thread for days.

In many cases the OP is online as indicated by the green dot, next to their username, or if you search their posts, they are actively posting in some other thread sharing their opinions on the snow storm or someone else’s cat that may or may not have a sinus infection.

In alot of these threads minimal info. is given by the OP, and the discussion will turn among the posters of the thread to various assumptions about the situation, since the OP has gone off the grid and or isn’t willing to supply any additional information.

That’s what’s on my mind…don’t expect me to come back and elaborate. :wink: