Whats with FISH written on the side of trucks?

Ok, why is it I see trucks with the word FISH proudly emblazoned on them? Are trucks that haul fish required to declare it to all for some arcane reason? And if so, why don’t I see any trucks with BEEF or TURKEY or CHICKEN written on them?

Or perhaps there are hobbists out there that specialize in Fishtruckspotting? “Hey, a 1983 Chevy FISHMaster 500!”

What gives?

Just guessing, having spent some time in the restraunt industry. There are a lot of small fish suppliers in competition to supply fish to restraunts, that’s frequently all they supply, and fish needs to be kept very fresh. So you see them out there delivering all the time. I’ve never seen a supplier supply just beef, or just chicken. Usually it’s a meat supplier, they are larger and more established, and so on. And I have seen meat trucks, usually so an so and sons and such.

I’ve read, but I can’t find a cite, that it stands for Federal Inspected Shipping and Handling. Some foods have to travel in sealed trucks, maybe they’re labeled so they don’t have to be opened for searches at the border. I’ll keep looking, I’ve wondered about it myself.

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