What's with the search engine?

How come it never seems to work for me? I can search for threads that I know exist, because I started them myself, and it finds nothing. Then it won’t let you try again for 30 seconds. For example, searching for a thread I started in Cafe Society titled “Verhoeven Roconsidered.”

I search for <verhoeven>, thread titles only, posted by me, in Cafe Society, within 6 months. Nothing.

I hit “back” to alter the parameters. THEY’RE GONE! I have to recreate the search from scratch just to change one parameter. Fine. I do so, leaving my name out; I’ll settle for ANY Cafe Society thread with Verhoeven in the title. But wait, I’m too fast: I get the 30-second warning.

Fine. Back again. Gone again! Recreate from scratch again. Leave out name, settle for any Verhoeven. Nothing!

Back, recreate, capitalize Verhoeven. Bzzt! 30 seconds. Punch a wall.

Back, recreate, capitalize, NOTHING!

Back. Count to 30. Recreate, no forum specified. NOTHING.

W! T! F!

Verhoeven Recondsidered.

I don’t think that they’ve finished archiving the thread database. You just have to be tricky. Try to find all threads started by lissener.

I just wanted to be the first person to correctly spell “reconsidered” in this thread. Don’t mind me.


I’m starting to think that we’re just going to have to live with an incomplete search database. I’m still not finding threads that I know exist. It may end up being like “We’re still trying to find Weapons of Mass Destruction”, where the idea just kind of slowly dies a natural death. And that’s interesting about the back button not working. I thought I was just remembering wrong, but it does seem like you used to be able to use the back button to go back to your list of search hits, and now you can’t. Oh well…

The 30 seconds thing is understandable, though.

For some damn reason everytime that I use the search engine I typo my way into useless results.

Then I deal with the 30 second timout and manage to lose my way.

And Ilsa, that’s a pretty good guess as to why the search fizzles sometimes. If a mod wanders through here maybe we can get a confirmation.

I’m wondering what’s up with the sorting algorithm. It gets the days right, but the threads are always messed up within the same day.

On the other hand, it is quite a bit faster than it used to be now that it’s restricted to charter members. Can’t complain too much, I guess.

Well, exercising common sense. Obviously an entire board search would seriously bog the server. I meant “all threads started by lissener in Cafe Society within a reasonable amount of time.”

Uh, Ilsa, I was referring to your comment about archives not fully catalogged. I’m not sure by your reply that you got that.

As far as search engines go, I try to focus my search logic (targeting time periods, membernames, forums) to give the hamsters a break, but of course, thats where I typo my query down to 0 results and then sit in the penaly box counting to 30.


All the while, hamsters laugh at my fat stubby paws inability to type

You can try using boardreader.com. Here are the results of the search for “Verhoeven Reconsidered” if it helps.

Ahhh, okay. I thought you meant that my suggestion of searching for all threads started by user would make the search engine fritz out.