Wimpy Search Engine

Your search engine needs an overhaul, folks! After a first search found no results, I subtly changed the search criteria to broaden* my search. I waited more than a minute (in case consecutive searches need a minute between searches), and the dang thing instantly claimed “no results”.

*broadened in such as fashion where the old search was not a subset of the new search.

Now, you cannot tell me it took my inputs and performed a true search! C’mon!
WTF? You need some crackerjack database programmers in Chicago, Uncle Cecil, and not Mickey Mouse!

  • Jinx :smiley:

I’m not sure how we can deduce anything from your experiment. What were the exact terms you used both times?

Before a search comes validation code. It runs fast.

Without knowing the search terms, I see nothing indicating a malfunction or deficiency in the search engine. It is entirely conceivable that both searches were still too restrictive.

Try doing a search on ‘estimating electricity’ and see if this thread appears. Doesn’t for me. In my experience, the search engine works almost flawlessly if you have a member name to search for whom you remember from the thread. But keywords are dicey. Just because you don’t get any hits, doesn’t mean that there aren’t threads still on the board that match it. (And that’s not the only one that I didn’t get a hit with keywords, but did with a member name–but it’s the quickest one I can remember.)

Understandable. No post in this thread contains the words “estimating” and “electricity”. Post 28 contains “underestimating” and “electricity”, though, so I suppose that the search phrase ‘*estimating electricity’ would find it. I will try it.

ETA: D’oh, it doesn’t work! I must confess I’m not sure what the problem is.

The search engine is obviously not working correctly. I just searched for the words electricity happened Jackson without any specific Boolean operator and without encasing quote marks. This should have returned the thread linked by Earl Snake-Hips Tucker, but it got one totally unrelated thread only.

underestimating electricity didn’t get the thread linked by Earl, either.

So something is wrong with the search engine. QED

That kind of implies it wasn’t meant to work like this.

I think it is not so much the search engine programming, so much as it is the absence of that thread from whatever database the engine searches. I searched on the word “booooy”, a unique word that appears in the OP, and that thread is not returned in the results. I would bet there is no search that will return that thread, because the entire thread is missing from the database.

While I think he’s a generally pretty bright guy, I doubt telling him about it will produce results. :slight_smile: