What's with the "spoilers"?

I’ve seen blacked-out boxes with the heading “Spoiler.”
What’s this for and what does it mean?

Generally used when discussing movie, TV show, or book plots, so that those people who haven’t yet experienced the work of art concerned can avoid finding out about the plot if they wish.

Also used in respect of major sporting events when different parts of the world are receiving the telecast at different times.

But I’ve seen them in threads about bad jokes:D
How does it apply there?

Probably to keep the punch line invisible until the person is ready to see it…?

Just to clarify, you are supposed to drag your cursor across the blacked out spoiler box to see the text within. This will show the black text against whatever your browsers highlight color is.

If you don’t want to know the spoiler, don’t drag. Makes the thread safe for everyone.


It’s explained in the technical issues FAQ. I suggest you go read that thread.

An earlier, related thread in this forum.

If you click treble-click in the black Spoiler space, all will be revealed (thanks, again, to Flamsterette_X for that tip).