What's with this video of Tupac?


I know it’s got to be a hoax or even a joke - or else it would be all over the news - but this seems to be showing Tupac standing around cars that weren’t made yet when he died. The Mustang is definitely post-1998 (Tupac died in '96) and I’m pretty sure that Impala is 2000 or newer. There’s almost no way that the guy is a Tupac lookalike - that smile is unmistakable.

What gives?

I don’t see why there can’t be a lookalike who also has the same smile.

It’d be like George W. Bush having a lookalike. There might be people out there who would illicit a “wow, that looks a lot like him”, but we’ve seen so much footage of him, so many pictures, in so many different situations and from so many different angles that I can’t imagine seeing a lookalike and saying “that’s HIM.”

Another comparison would be your mother’s lookalike. Do you think you could look at anyone else in the world, even from a reasonable distance, and say “I’m sure that’s my mom”?

So…Tupac’s…your mother…and the President?

That video is too low-resolution and the camera was just out of focus enough that it could be ANYONE. I guarantee you it’s a hoax.

Sir, I’m calling you on what appears to be faulty logic here, with respect. You are starting from the premise that its not her - ruling out the possibility that it actually is her - and then asking how he could be sure its her. The OP believes he is seeing the real Tupac.

Pffft. Could be Montel Williams for all I can tell.

So you are saying Tupac never walked on the moon? You are saying NASA faked it all?

CGI, anyone? IMO, that’s footage of Tupac alright, but he wasn’t filmed around the cars, they were added later. Or, it’s a computer generated image of Tupac, put into a film of people hanging out.

That only makes it unlikely, not unimaginable. Unlikely things happen.

Anyway, the footage is low-res enough to not require an extremely unlikely very accurate look-alike.

Now, I have heard new “Pac” songs on some mix tapes that sound EXACTLY like him. Some of them sound so much like him that I am convinced that if it isn’t him, it has got to be one of the best impersonators I have ever heard. That being said, there is NO way that is Pac. He is way too skinny and his build is nowhere near the same. I need to recheck the video, but I didn’t see any tattoos either.

I’m not saying it’s not a hoax - in fact, something about the whole thing tells me it’s more of a joke than a hoax, even. I’m half sure that if I could find the original website it came off of it would explain it all.

It’s Tupac. Eventually I will hunt down the origin of this video and find out how it was done, and it won’t have been with a stunt-double.

And why would you expect to see tattoos? It’s not like he had them on his face.

There is a Tupac sound-alike named Blac Haze who had an album in 1999, a couple years after Tupac’s death. The album is named, somewhat cryptically, “Res-Sa-Rec-Shun.” Check out some of the samples on Allmusic’s review of his album. Listen to, for example, track 6, “Stress’N’Me Out.” When I heard that, my jaw just dropped… I’m not saying he’s Tupac resurrected, but he’s really gotten Pac’s flow down pat, to the point where you could easy confuse the two, or even question whether Blac Haze is Tupac. Oddly, the review does not mention the uncanny resemblance.

Hmm… I just noticed that actually, the Blac Haze album came out on September 8, 1998. Tupac was shot on September 7, 1996. Kind of odd, but not if you’re marketing yourself as a Tupac clone or possible Tupac resurrection. What does seem odd is that Blac Haze put his own photo on the cover of his album, which would dissuade people from believing he was Tupac.

It’s a helluva lookalike from what can be seen, but if it were Tupac, don’t you think the camera operator would focus or zoom in farther?

Also, if you’re standing a couple dozen feet from Tupac, you do not spend a minute talking to the camera yourself; you’d want to get as much footage of him as you could.

Two excellent points. The second one in particular is strong enough to convince me that this is a hoax.

Another point: the guy in the video looks like Tupac at age 25. But Tupac at age 25 was 10 years ago. Today, Tupac would be almost 35 years old. The guy in the video looks too young, if you ask me.

I’m still not defending the authenticity of the video, but per its continuity, Tupac’s crew did not want him being filmed.